Can i from xbox game chat with a friend on pc?

@developers I have KI on xbox one, if my friend buy KI on PC, can we game chat while playing in a lobbie or exhibition?

Yes you can. I have the exact same situation. I play on XB1 and my friend @NitricZenith plays on PC, we are able to team chat just fine. Have you been having problems getting your team speak to work?

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no, my friend just hasn’t bought the game yet.
I am glad with this news. My friend lives far away and is a PC gamer.
I tell him he can start downloading KI. :smile:

Good deal brother. Same deal with me and @NitricZenith I’m playing from Oregon US and she plays from England. On side note if you’d like to spar sometime just send me a friend request on XB1 gamer handle is General Screbor.
I have 5 lvl 50 guys
Kan Ra
Riptor she is my best one and the oldest lvl 50 I got. I’m still only a low gold teir, I always matched killer teir with and without pro stars, but I never farewell against them anyway.

Thank you.
But i am kind of a noob compare to killer status and gold status. haha
I have 7 lv50 characters but its from playing against bots and friends who don’t know how to play.
I am still a qualifier. I never play ranked.
But i have lots of fun playing KI and i want to bring more friends to the game.
Show them why KI is so good and fun to play.


Well that’s basically all anyone is here for is fun. Most of my lvls came from shadow Lords and SL MP where using guardians makes things so much easier. You have 7 lvl 50 characters, you’ve already beat me in that field. Gold and killer teir fighters are still just human fighters, fallible, prone to mistakes; don’t make the same mistake I did and still do. Killer teirs aren’t some immortal untouchable Titans, it just means they spend way more time on the game; more so than I can because I have a wife, a son, and a full time job as a nurse. This cannot and should not detract from your enjoyment of the game. Even if killer teir stomp you and me every time, you give em hell before they do.

For game chat between KI on Xbox One and PC, your friend just needs to log in to the Xbox app on their PC. It’s free and you don’t actually even need to be playing a game to chat. The menus are a bit wonkier in PC but it’s not hard to figure out. Just make sure they understand it’s not a menu within KI.


@GeneralScrebor Afther reading your comment, i think i gonna scrap all my courage together and try some ranked matches this weekend!! Who knows, maybe i win a few.
Thanks for the pep up talk! :+1:

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Any time brotha. Like last night I was playing a killer teir. I’m already spooked just bc he is a killer teir and I hate loosing. And while I still lost I got him down to 1/2 a red bar. Sent him a message too, it was a hell of a fight. Just being able to stand my ground and not take a total blow out was awesome.

Yesh, it’s been a while since we played though. :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah, can confirm party chat is more stable than the netcode to America from here, though it’s mostly fine, you will get a little bit of shonkiness here and there, sometimes entire nights full, but it’s still better than SFV and MK:X. :slight_smile:

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I could never really get behind MK:X multiplayer, the controller seemed so weird. Putting me against anyone in MK:X would make a great comic.

Ok what’s this do? Ahhhh
Well think I’ll switch back to KI