Can buy but not use PC version characters?

So i can purchase any of the characters no problem. But, when the purchase button changes to “Install” for the character, it just says “Processing Premium Purchase Request” but after several seconds it disappears and nothing changes. I contacted microsoft support and they told me because i’m on PC they can’t help me (great support). I’ve restarted my computer, reinstalled the game… even had it refunded so I could purchase Rash a 2nd time and nothing seems to work. I’d love some info on this, I ONLY have the PC version of this game, I do not own an Xbox.

Try checking that your location is properly set. To do that press the windows key and type in location to try the options presented to you there.

You should also try resyncing your PC’s time to the online server to make sure you’re well aligned. Navigate to:
Control Panel\Clock, Language, and Region
From there select Date & Time so you can go to the internet tab and sync up.

Wow… that fixed it… I had to manually put in the time it actually was, for some reason selecting my timezone was placing me at 7:30 AM when it was only 3:30 AM… But, yep Rash is playable now. Thank’s a billion

Glad to help. Setting the proper time in Windows seems to be the first to most people’s missing content issues. Hopefully they can resolve that issue with the next patch, but in the meantime it would surely help a lot of people if the solution was more publicized.

I agree, I scoured the web and couldn’t find anything. I should have figured it out though, there’s always problems with the clock in windows when you re-install or upgrade it.

This might be off topic but I was wondering if theres anyway to get the PC version to have my season 1 characters. I own the disc version of the game and own the season 2 DLC but when I run the game on PC it only shows the season 2 cast.Help?