Can anyone suggest program for simple video editing with low requirements?

I would like to compile KI matches and put them on Youtube. Nothing fancy, I just want to be able to cut videos and sometimes add text or simple effect (i doubt if I ever need to add effects though).

So, I would appreciate any input.

If you’re on Xbox, you can use an app called Upload Studio. It’s not as good as some other editing apps or software that you might find on PC, but it’s simple and easy to use.

Camtasia Studio.

Its cheap, easy, and integrates with social media…

It also does screen recording and casting…

There is also Virtual Dub, its free and very resource friendly…

Google free open source video editor for windows.

Youtube actually has a in-house editor. It’s not the best, but it can get the basic things down. And since you are just uploading and editing (with hardly any effects) , it should be just enough for you. I can give you a video I edited in Youtube Editor if you’d like as an example. :thumbsup:

Only downside of it is it can only edit Youtube Videos. So the video needs to already be uploaded to use it.

agreed, I use it to compile my clips for KI stupidity : p