CAM Broken?

I’m not sure if it was a intentional move bu the developers but CAM feels broken to me now. Where in season 2 player could use HP/HK and get enders, this season it’s changed. Maybe not a huge deal for some players, but for others including myself the move from enders maks the game much harder to play and be competitive with.

I mostly play spinal, aganos and hisako… All three no longer provide the same ending during a CAM.

My question, was this intentional with season 3 and why make it harder to do finishers under CAM?

Example: Aganos used to finish with his wall thing, which also refills his armor. Now he just does a spin or heavy punch or spinal with his skull fill finisher.

It was intentional. You just have to push forward now at the same time as the button/buttons to get enders and ultras.

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They changed it, before it gave you the best possible ender for each character, now it gives you one of the other enders in hopes that you start learning the actual inputs for the good enders. Also you have to hold forward for the enders now.

The changes are very intentional. Without them combo assist would be banned at tournaments.

Does anyone have any actual links to any official articles/notes/streams/etc that confirm actual changes to Combo Assist in S3? I have posted about this several times in the forums and have gotten responses that allude to stated changes… but I cannot find any official information stating that CA was changed for S3. My big issue with it right now is that it feels broken/buggy: for certain characters I can do the exact same input and get different results each time. Not just for enders but for openers and linkers. Also the issue of using Combo Assist at tournaments is something that was discussed when the feature was first announced, so I’m not sure if that would be a reason for the changes.

It’s at the bottom of this page.

Also, keep in mind that the reason you might be getting different moves is because when you attempt to do the forward requirement you’re accidentally doing a quarter circle forward or a back forward, and since real inputs override combo assists inputs you’re getting different special moves.

Thanks for the link. For some reason looking at this same page yesterday did not list the CA changes.

I don’t think the reason I am getting the different moves is because of accidentally doing the actual move. I’ve tested this in practice to make sure I am doing the CA input (and not actual moves). For example, doing opener assist with Shadow Jago using mp sometimes gives me the opener, a mp, or sometimes gives me a dive kick that completely misses the opponent unless they are against the wall. It’s easier for me to turn CA off with Shadow Jago at the moment.

I also do not see anything in the change notes that states that ender assists have been changed/randomized, as some have suggested… unless that is what is implied by stating that they all match now? Ender assist used to be dependent on which button you pushed, but I have noticed variance in this. Also Ultra Assist simply has not been working for me at all since the S3 update, so I am just doing the actual Ultra moves.

pretty much sums up my experiance with CAM as well. Would be nice if a Dev could confirm working as intended or oops we messed something up. ATM I have CA off, which some may argue is better. I however prefer It over not having it.