Calling it now

(I think he was making a joke)

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Haha, okay then and whatever you said too

Indeed he was and exactly my thought too, yes :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

The hype is around season 3 and Kim
I really don’t lose sleep of when shadow Jago is released


I’m excited for Shadow Jago because 3 things will happen:

-I will Body and get Bodied by people all over the planet
-Shadow Jago’s moveset will be very interesting, and possibly may become one of the more interesting playstyles of this game

-One step closer to finally having Season 3. While Shago will be before the end of this year, Still. It will be closer than ever!

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I would call that unofficial of course. They aren’t saying which month probably because they still aren’t sure. Things could still be changing and with 2.11 just coming out it is hard for me to believe that yet another update is going to be ready by the end of this month. I am leaning on December.

He doesn’t, it was just something they gave back to us for the community fundraiser. If anything, Omen will be more involved this season.

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2.11 wasn’t a huge patch like we are accustomed to seeing, mainly just patching and adjusting but nothing necessarily big enough to say that Shago won’t come out because of it. I’m still leaning towards the end of this month though, I mean he is almost out and the recent teases of him suggest he will come out sooner.

Lol. Ok. I’m gonna laugh if they have something like:

Happy Thanksgiving week everybody! We hope you will have fun and eat a ton with your family, friends and relatives. We would like to have fun and share with you guys too, as part of your Killer Instinct Family. So here is our gift to you. Shadow Jago! :smile:

That would be amazing.

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He’s going to appear in the same slot as his Shadow Jago Skin on the character select screen.

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