Calling it now

Putting it out there so if I get it right, I can say I called it. Shadow Jago is gonna arrive on 10-30-15. Any one else got a guess they want to throw out?


I’m with you on that, seems appropriate for shago.

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that would be nice please

As appropriate as that would sound, there’s been no indication of it happening whatsoever via previews or anything. If it does happen, it’ll be 1 heck of a surprise.

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For this coming Halloween, I definitely think so now too :wink:

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It’ll be the best kept surprise they’ve ever had.

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Super doubtful, but awesome if they did.

Thanksgiving day/black friday

Hope to be wrong and get it sooner

I will “give my thanks” xD

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Heck, I’ll double down and say on the 31st!

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I wouldn’t count on it, but remember how much advanced warning we had for Rash?

Yeah total blindside, so this is totally possible again. I just doubt the claim of this week.

Same here. Halloween is also a day for villains as well. and shago is one of them.


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That would be suitable for the occasion but I’m leaning towards November for him. I know there isn’t much more work to be done since Isgreeen tweeted that he was working on his Ultra. It would be spontaneous and unexpected but don’t think he’ll be available this 30th or 31st.

Well, I guess I just look silly now.

Not sillier than most of the rest of us on a daily basis. It was a reasonable guess, even if it didn’t pan out.


I wouldn’t trip too much about it. We’ll probably get SJ next month is my guess.

Well just for posterity sake I’ll post my prediction when Shadow Jago comes out here as well:

  1. November 22 the day KI came out as well as Shadow Jago
  2. IF backstory Mondays are proceeding in roster order and IF Shadow Jago gets one as well then sometime around December 7

Here’s what I’m thinking…

They’re going to give him to us and we’re going to thank them for it. :wink:


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