C88 Cupcake Is Taking A Leave of Absent From KI

Due to personal reasons it seems Wulf player C88 Cupcake is taking a leave of absent from Killer Instinct. Please leave him the best of wishes on his post from Facebook

Goodbye KI FGC. I will not be online or at any more majors from this point on. Im forced to do this beyond my will but i dont want to get into detail. (No, its not about my newborn) All of my consoles and monitors are with my neighbor/close friend. I won’t see anyone of you in probably 2 years.
I love you all and I’ll always be looking in from the outside. You guys are Killers and the #1 community in the FGC. Fight On!

Who is this and why is it a big deal that he is taking a break from KI.
I’m just violently curious.


I have no FB, but who is this guy?

He’s a top tier wulf player

Also you have to be in the group to read the post. Could you post the information here or naw?

TGZ Boss Wulf

Done, I added it to the top

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Thanks captain! Also waiting for Killer Times video on YouTube lol

TGZ Boss Wulf

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Man, I remember those days of having to leave everything behind. Hopefully, what ever he is doing wont cause him any harm.

He’s Cr Cupcake actually. He left the 88s a while back

Well, I hope everything turns out okay for him! As for the thread title, it’s a leave of “absence” not absent. :wink:

I’d speculate he’s going to prison. Sentence is probably 2 years with chance of parole.


That’s what I was thinking too. Why else would your belongings go to a friend’s place?

If Cupcake’s supposedly going to prison then what do you think he’s in for?

Most likely Rage quitting.


Dunno. People goes to jail in USA for the most trivial things.

Sad to see him go. I loved watching his Wulf.

I don’t have Facebook… I’m clown-fishing into social media.

I do understand how personal things can avalanche, so good luck to him. Hopefully we’ll all be here when he returns.

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He is actually back from his break very early and in Winners top 8 at SummerJam today.

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