Buying Ultra edition or waiting for Definitive Edition

I recently purchased one character to try the game in a more comfortable manner, and i have to say i really liked it. Now since news are that another edition of the game is coming i have some doubts about spending my money.

Will i miss on something besides the Gargos skin ? If it’s just audio or video it’s not something i worry about.

What would you people recommend?

Well the Supreme edition with all the Seasons is a whole $20 more, for one. The Season 3 ultra back costs the same as the DE.
The DE comes with the soundtrack, behind the scenes content, and of course Golden Gargos.
The only real advantage to the digital version is that you get it sooner and you can get it on PC, and even then if you have an Xbox your content should transfer over just fine.

O yeah i meant the Supreme edition, got them mixed

I’d say wait for the definitive edition. You said you bought a character separately already and You liked it. You can stick to that character for a month, get better with it etc. You’ll save money plus get a few extras including a controller skin if you pre order at game stop. And the more people buy the physical version the better for the future, I think lol just one more month!


If you only have PC, Supreme since I’m pretty sure the DE is Xbone only.

If you are patient and have an Xbone, I say wait for the DE.

Here’s a question perhaps worth asking, althoigh it won’t really apply to me (maybe), but if you do get the DE, is it going to work like every other disk game where you have to have the disk sitting in the XB1 in order to play it? And if there are bonus features like behind the scenes stuff are they going to be accessable without the disk if you already have the digital game, or will it be blocked off unless the disk is in the system?

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I’ve been thinking about this too. Is the digital version gonna be compatible with the disc version? Should we delete the digital and install the disc? So many questions lol

Chances are the disc is just filled with all the same entitlements the digital version has, so when you boot the game up it basically enables a bunch of flags that say “hey, you own this content now” and lifts the restriction for said content within your game.

In other words, you shouldn’t have to reinstall anything.