Buying a Killer Guardian Pack

I’ve now gotten 3 Exemplars in a row (which is precisely the only guardian I hate and I can’t use) and I remember reading someone else saying it happened to them as well. Is this a glitch? Do you all get varied guardians? Am I just really unlucky? Saving 17k is a total drag :frowning:


Just like Ive made it to Gargos 2x in a row and both times he ends up with Fang of Gargos.

the randomization in SL isnt very Random at all.

I too cant use Exemplar, its the worst Gaurdian by far since even if you parry and start a combo the AI will break you any way.

I need to get some better Guardians. I have the green ones so I guess thats Common?

If I recall correctly, I already got:

4 killer exemplars
4 killer vampires
2 killer rams
1 killer snake
0 killer fractured wards
∞ epic exemplars and vampires
Random but high number rams and snakes
Only 1 epic fractured ward

It is random. I’ve gotten so many vampire bats and 2 fractured wards. I had multiple of all killer guardians then I pull my snake from a 1500 pack lol.

I want that Killer Exemplar!!! I’ve only pulled 3 Killer Snakes.

Yeah the green ones are common. Blue are rare, pink is epic and gold is killer. I had some KI Gold left over, so I bought a killer pack and wound up with a snake. That sucker drains health with the quickness, but the hard part can be getting in, getting a combo and ending it without being broken. Still, if you can do that…

Wound up buying another killer pack, as I got impatient after getting shellacked by Gargos after my second run through and got a ram. I actually think the killer ram is kinda meh. The lower level rams all recharge rather quickly, but if you find yourself getting opened up constantly by the opponent, killer ram works well at first since you start out with so many, but then becomes worthless once it runs out (well, worthless aside form the great attack and defense buffs it gives). I’d kinda like to see them raise the number of psychic breaks that you start with if they’re going to put you on a limit.

I don’t really use the vampire bat on harder opponents. It’s just not that helpful given what you get back. Maybe killer level is helpful, but I haven’t found the epic one to be all that useful. I’m hoping they’ll buff the amount you syphon in the future.

Exemplar… Yeah. I don’t use this one at all. I’m much too spastic if I’m fighting a harder opponent to be able to time parries and counterattack. Maybe if they made the windows for the timing wider as you go up from common to rare and so on, it’d make this one more useful. Right now the timing just feels so rigid that the payoff isn’t really there, especially compared to the others.

To me, Fractured Ward is the best by far and it’s not even close. It basically allows you to steamroll through opponents attacks if you have enough armors built up and a lot of the time you really only need one. I love this one and probably use it 90% of the time. Using Jago with fractured ward against Gargos, I took his first life bar and half of his second on Challenging. My next character was Mira, who I stupidly equipped with my killer snake. Never ended a combo on him and got destroyed lol.

As to the topic, I’m getting close to 17,000 and I’d love to get a killer fractured ward, so I’ll be kinda pissed if I end up with a gold exemplar. I think the randomness has been pretty good given how many packs I’ve opened. It might skew a little toward ram and snake for me, as I think I only have two bats and two exemplars, but I haven’t seen anything that leads me to feel like it’s leaning strongly one way.

I have 2 Rams, 1 snake, 1 fractured, 1 Exemplar, and 1 vampire. All green and all left over from the beta. I didnt even know you could get higher end color versions until the other day LOL!

I use the 2 rams and the Fractured ward. I dont care for the other 3.

NO WONDER you are having such a hard time fighting Gargos. Bruh, higher level Guardians amp your defense and offense greatly. A Killer’s Guardian can boost your damage and defense by 80%+. Epics (the purple ones) boost it by like 55-60%+. All those boosts are just passive buffs your character gets.

If I were you guys, after playing a while, while 17000 for a guaranteed killer is nice, do the 1,500 pack. You get 11 guardians for 16,000ish. I’ve gotten a few killers from that pack. Otherwise try the 5000 but you still get 3 for the price of 1 of that pack. In the end you’re only betting on rng. It is a matter of time/luck to get them all.

If you got any perfect epics, they are 90% as good as the killer tiers anyway.

I kept 2 perfect rare snakes since they are 125 for a full refill. I think I’m gonna stock my gems until new guardians come out now

that 1,500 pack is the Rare pack right? You got Killers out of there?

Exemplar guardians are easily the best guardians in the game. they are 2 cuts above the rest. The ability to parry on the ground, air, during blockstun, parry combo breakers, multi hit moves. Gives you health, shadow and instinct per parry? That’s great. And the killer version you might as well have an infinite stock since you get 1 parry every 3 seconds.

It’s only con is it’s the advanced guardian that needs correct usage in order to make full use of it. It has the most potential out of all the guardians.

Yeah, but the snake can make you combo for 100% damage all the time and the ward can negate almost all attacks enabling counter attacks with easy.

Edit: mismatched the ward name

That requires landing a combo and getting an ender first. Then being able to take advantage of the poison. The exemplar gaurdian let’s you do many things while getting back meter easily and is the only guardian that can affect combo breakers.

In multiplayer I think the TIERS go like this…

  1. Fractured Ward
  2. Exemplar!!!
  3. Snake
  4. Ram

I think that against players of equal skill or lower, Ram and Snake can be played around. Fractured Ward on the other hand. Wow! What a great card!

Exemplar for life! Can’t wait for the Killer version.

You’ve got the Fractured Ward on there twice. There does the Ram go on you list?

Yeah, I’ve gotten 4. 1 snake 1 fractured ward 2 vampire bats.

Oops! Fractured Ward is on the list twice because it’s so good! Just kidding. I fixed it. I think against good players, they may as well have a Ram card, even in ranked matches lol

Right now, with medium breaking with the left-stick being bugged, I put the Ram Guardian at the bottom too, but I think in actuality it is a really good buff. I have yet to find a Killer Ram, but putting a Ram on Aganos, or Tusk, or Thunder, really makes them just that much more scary.