Buy Bloody Roar from Konami!

If Bloody Roar were to make a comeback and Konami has no intentions for it, some other gaming company should buy the rights for BR.


  • Iron Galaxy
  • Bandai Namco
  • Koei Tecmo
  • Arc System Works

Leave Capcom and Netherrealm out!


Let Bandai Namco have it. They are pretty experienced with fighting games.


What’s wrong with Koei Tecmo during their time with DOA?

Tekken and Soul Calibur are both pretty popular.

Dead or Alive never really was all that popular. Not to mention the devs are on rocky ground with the fanbase, considering they want to tone down the fanservice which DoA is known for.

I don’t doubt that Team Ninja/Koei Tecmo wouldn’t be able to make a decent Bloody Roar game, but Bandai Namco would just be a better choice overall.

Bandai Namco’s one of the top notch developers when it comes to fighters. they know what to do with it I’m sure.

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I wonder if THQ Nordic is looking for a fighting game franchise? They have Darksiders 3, Biomutant (which looks awesome), Red Faction, Battle Chasers and they just purchased the Timesplitters IP recently. I dunno, maybe I’m wrong, but I feel like Bloody Roar could really fit in with the type of games this publisher puts out and while they’ve been expanding a bit, they still have a genre vacancy for a good fighter in their portfolio.

But if we’re talking about publishers / devs that we actually want to see develop it as opposed to what might make sense for them… I’m not sure I’d go with IG. Sure, I’d prefer them to be developing KI4, but moreover, their strength seems to be in making exceedingly unique characters with moves and ideas that really break the mold and systems the game sets out. I don’t know if that’s really Bloody Roar’s thing. Not saying IG couldn’t color within the lines, but is that really utilizing their best strengths?

I’d personally go with Sega, specifically AM2. While I don’t believe Yu Suzuki is there anymore (as well as the fact that he’s probably more engaged with Shenmue 3 these days), this team was still responsible for some of the best 3D fighting games in history including the Virtua Fighter series and the Fighting Vipers series. I could see them making a beautiful new Bloody Roar game with a ton of fun and depth to spare and I’d love to play that.

After that, I’d probably go with Team Ninja. Bloody Roar isn’t quite as complex as Virtua Fighter, and while I’d love for AM2 to add more depth underneath the surface and really blow out the characters move lists with some fun stuff to do, I think Team Ninja could also do that and still keep things a bit more on the easier side of the spectrum. Either option would be good, and while I prefer VF to DOA slightly, I’d be happy with any of them bringing this game back. Speaking of Team Ninja though…

Yeah wow, I’m seeing that first hand on Twitter. I honestly didn’t realize people were THAT invested in breast size, jiggle physics and erotic poses in DOA. I mean, maybe some view that fan service as being as big a part of the series as blood and gore are to MK. I guess I’ve just never seen it that way. Of course, I’ve always seen the blood and gore as superfluous in MK, but I’m sure some would be enraged if it were taken out.

But yeah, some unhappy people in DOA-land right now, which is kinda sad. The new game looks beautiful and yet a surprising number of fans are still being all “ugh, preorder cancelled” over something they haven’t even seen play out yet. Just some dev speak.

It’s also weird because the devs seem as though they’re trying to steer the series in a new creative direction and yet some are yelling “censorship” and getting angry about SJWs when the devs themselves said that they’ve seen the new trend in games and they’re heading that way. So they can’t decide what’s in their own games now?

I get being unhappy with some choices, but for one thing, let’s see if it actually plays out that way before trashing a game we’ve barely seen and two, are these aspects of the game SO important that you’d pull your preorder in protest or not buy the game?

I even mentioned to one person I was talking to “well what if they made a toggle or switch so that these aspects can be adjusted or turned on or off? Or what if they just had provocative DLC outfits” and the guy was still all “no, outfits aren’t enough. Kasumi’s breasts got nerfed hard and I’m not okay with that.”

I mean… Okay? I guess we all like aspects of games. But man, the amount some of these people seem to care about this amazes me. No care for whether it’s tourney viable or more mainstream or at least not seen (as Kotaku called it) “the booby fighter,” no care for reviews that talk about its rampant sexism, no care for how a change might bring in new players or especially that their negativity could have a substantial impact on the game’s sales and possible future installments. It’s all just “I hate this and I’m going to scream about it from the rooftops. It’s a slap in the face. Not buying.”

I mean, that’s fandom for ya. I’m shouldn’t be surprised, especially after seeing how Kelly Marie Tran and Ruby Rose have been treated just for being in things that people like and not being exactly what people had in mind. Still, it’s a shame that these people seem cool with cutting off everyone’s noses just to spite their own faces. Kind of a bummer.

If DOA6, or “Dead on Arrival 6” as I’ve seen it referred to repeatedly, comes out in a sea of fan resentment and doesn’t perform well because of it, do they really think DOA7 will happen? Do they care? Why would devs even put themselves through something like this again if they’re just going to be crapped on by their own fanbase to such an extent?

In terms of 3D-Fighter experience, Bandai Namco and Koei Tecmo are the only real choices IMO, mainly because unlike all the other companies listed in the OP those 2 companies specialize in 3D fighting games (and Sega AM2 is nowhere to be found). I personally would prefer Namco since their products always have this flair to them which could give much needed style to Bloody Roar’s universe and characters, and I generally preferred the Tekken style of gameplay to DoA5’s mechanics; I always felt DoA was this weird hybrid of Tekken and VF, but didn’t feel as good as either of those games.

They both walked themselves out the 3D Fighter door. Remember Star Gladiator, or MK Armageddon? Neither do I.

On a side note:

First of all, they bought Timesplitters?! Man I thought that series would be dead forever after EA ruined the third game (lot of stuff on the cutting room floor, to put it lightly). But with that said, Nordic seems more oriented on RPGs and action games in terms of portfolio, even with all they have now it seems they’re going a somewhat safe route of not branching too far with their genres.

It really is a shame devs aren’t allowed to make the game they want, it’s just like MKX when they changed the artstyle to be more realistic and everyone cried censorship because the females didn’t have large proportions like in the older games. Still hope DoA6 still ends up good, but it can’t be easy having to go against your own fanbase for the sake of doing something different for once in a while.

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Well, they still exist. They have a game called Soul Reverse that’s reportedly coming out in 2018. Not sure if it’s coming stateside or not. It’s an arcade game.

Yep! Just announced recently.

The main reason why I picked THQ Nordic is because they’ve been actively expanding their portfolio and they have multiple franchises that have largely been considered dead and gone such as Darksiders, Red Faction, and now Timesplitters.

I think if they can handle the genres from the games they have now, they can probably handle a fighting game. Not saying that’s just an automatic assumption of course, but it’s at least possible and more likely they’d want a game like Bloody Roar than say Namco (who already has two 3D fighters) or some other companies out there.

Agree 110%. Some of the people pushing against the devs don’t seem to realize that they’re doing the exact thing to them that they call censorship from the SJWs. They’re trying to direct the developers and personally, I don’t love that. Just let them go the route they want to go. You don’t have to love it, you don’t have to buy it, but it almost seems like some of these true fans want to tank the game for no better reason than they want it how it was before… I dunno. I can’t really get behind that line of thinking.

Ok if Bandai Namco is the best choice for a company, how do you think we can get them to buy BR from Konami?

I don’t think they care. Their own IP’s are thriving and have great sales.

Bloody Roar was never really all that popular either. Kinda like Dead or Alive, really. Incredibly niche. So they have no reason to want to obtain the license to make a Bloody Roar game, as they would make a big risk in investing in it.

Worst case scenario, Namco buys the IP and has Bloody Roar characters as guests in the other games for the time being, before possibly considering a standalone game in the future (which Konami wouldn’t ever do). I mean they did make a great version of Akuma in Tekken 7 (honestly my favorite version of the character), they could easily make a BR character that’s faithful to the old games’ roots in terms of gameplay.

Konami just let the IP rot for a decade, Namco is more willing to do stuff with their IPs since they still care about video games.

So you think handing BR to BN from Konami’s a bad choice?

Koei Tecmo please!

Actually no, I think Namco is the best choice to get the Bloody Roar IP, but as IncubusLord stated because of how successful Tekken and SC are they may not care to reboot the IP right off the bat. I personally feel they may try to play it safe by having the characters be guests in Tekken or SC to gauge interest, and maybe someday actually bother to make a full game (which again, Konami could give less of a care about doing).

And honestly I don’t like how Koei Tecmo handles things on a business side either; apart from most of their PC ports being extremely poor quality and how they have a penchant for gouging some of their IPs (DoA5 having millions of overpriced costumes, Dynasty Warriors and similar games being resold constantly with “extreme editions”, etc.) I don’t feel they would do Bloody Roar any real justice. They may even do worse than what Konami ever did considering their DLC practices alone.

I’m not saying Namco is innocent by any means, but it’s really a “lesser of two evils” situation here, and Namco is the lesser evil in this case.

TL;DR version: I think Namco is good choice, Tecmo bad choice.

But I don’t want BR characters stuck as guests!

That series needs a refresh! A fresh story like what they’re doing with SC right now.

Then you gotta create a demand for it first.
Because as it is now, with Bloody Roar’s failed success as a franchise, I don’t see anyone picking it up and doing anything with it. Hence why Konami has it shelved.

Konami stuck on mobile games now. Nobody cares about bringing that back, nor Castlevania often!

I hope you realize that you’re on a forum for a game where one of the guest characters is getting their own game soon.

I do not

If you mean Rash… it’s not really a new game. :stuck_out_tongue:
I mean it is, but it’s a remake of an old game.

Man, I’d love a new Castlevania. I’m so glad Bloodstained is on the way. It looks like the perfect cross between SotN’s 2D gameplay with beautiful, modern graphics. I actually chipped in that game’s Kickstarter so I’d really like it to come out well.

As for Konami though, I’d love it if they could evolve off of the Lords of Shadow formula. Perhaps a darker game, set far in the past, with more characters to play as, more verticality, more weapons, more armor, more abilities, more skills to unlock (perhaps multiple skill trees), more leveling and progression, more secrets, more treasures, maybe even a character class and job system and/or character allies you can summon briefly? Ya know, just an all around deeper experience.

I think a game that melds the style and storytelling of Lords of Shadow with the systems and progression of SoTN, plus even more depth and added ideas to make the game its own thing would make for a really fun Castlevania experience.

I just wish Konami still cared about their IPs. :slightly_frowning_face:

I’m kinda feeling the way about them that I’ve felt about Sega for a long time. If you’re just going to sit on all of these great franchises, then just sell them off. You get some money and someone else gets to actually invest in bringing some of these awesome titles that I’d still love to play back from the dead.

I really wish Microsoft was still expanding their studios. I’m not sure if MS could afford Konami or Sega, but it’d be great if they brought one of these great publishers under their umbrella and reinvigorated some of their many great franchises.

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