Burning Lore Questions

Todays backstory for Cinder really got me thinking about KI’s expanded universe. I want to get some of these questions out of my head because they are really bugging me. Here’s a list that will probably be updated as more thoughts pop into my head:

-Is Killer Instinct the name of the actual fighting tournament?

-If the Killer Instinct tournament is run by Ultratech, what purpose does it serve? It was once said that the tournament was an evaluation of potential. Why? Potential for what?

-Are there other fighters that we don’t see in game?

-How many people participated in the tournament?

-How long is the duration of the Killer Instinct tournament?

-What prize does the last person surviving win?

-How are the unrelated stories like the battle between Kan-Ra and Aganos tie in with the tournament?

-What incentives do the hero characters have to participate? Especially when they’ve been attacked openly by Ultratech numerous times.

-If the tournament is over, who won?

-If Aganos and Thunder team up, how does communication work between the two? How does Aganos communicate with anyone? Same with Glacius.

-Where are the other members of the Disavowed?

That’s all for now. To be honest I feel a bit better now. But if I have any chance to have at least one of these questions officially answered then I have to ask…

@TempusChaoti, as a creative director at Microsoft, is there anything you see here that you can give a clear answer to? I apologize if I’m calling on the wrong person to answer these.

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Spinal won I believe… That’s how he got the mask.

Oh yeah I forgot about that. So does that mean orchid just said ■■■■■ the tournament and infiltrated the pinnacle with T.J. Instead?

I can only answer some of these based on the lore in the original games, which–for the sake of having a more extensive universe-- I am going to assume hold true to this retelling until it is actually said otherwise.

-Is Killer Instinct the name of the actual fighting tournament


-If the Killer Instinct tournament is run by Ultratech, what purpose
does it serve? It was once said that the tournament was an evaluation of
potential. Why? Potential for what?

The KI Tournament was a huge source of revenue for Ultratech–it was the most popular/lucrative broadcast of its time–providing them with money, resources, and standing. It was also a testing ground for their various weapons (see beings like Fulgore and Riptor)–things they couldn’t get away with testing the potential of elsewhere because of the inherent violence. Where better to test the potential of their weapons in a tournament where all caliber of fighters are present, and where violence is to be expected?

-What prize does the last person surviving win?

The winners of the Killer Instinct tournament are promised whatever they desire. Hence for Sabrewulf it is a cure, for Glacius it is his freedom, etc.

-If Aganos and Thunder team up, how does communication work between the
two? How does Aganos communicate with anyone? Same with Glacius.

No idea about Aganos, but in the original comics Glacius could speak english. I don’t know if it’s the same in this retelling; perhaps, since he is a galactic marshal and therefore works with all sorts of different civilizations, he has a translator? Sort of like the Mass Effect series.

I can’t confirm everything, I think only one or two things but either way I am fairly invested in creative writing so I can offer some theories. Great questions by the way, I never actually thought about some of these.

Yes sir! Just like Mortal Kombat is the name of their tournament.

Well, considering Eagle competed in the original tournament hosted by Ultratech where his “potential” was used to upgrade the Fulgore unit, I would assume they intend to make another mark. Take Jago for instance, he has a surge granted by his instinct that allows him to recover health, not to mention his is versatile and well-rounded. It isn’t mention in game but the next mark of Fulgore units would be the ultimate weapon of mass-control, based on who won and proved their “potential”. Not to mention the endless amount of attention they gain from vast corporations that provide funding for high tech/military equipment. The Fulgore initiative was only one step, the Riptor project was another. The tournament gives them a chance to test these projects.

Sure there are! As any fighting game goes, there is always someone new who has a chance to test their skills. Even though we only see one storyline in the span of three seasons, I know that some stories mentioned other warriors. Take for instance Maya’s dead sister or even Jago and Orchid’s father and some other mentions is backstories of characters. Moreover, we have more characters coming so there may be more hints of other fighters.

As we know it, the entire cast including Eagle and other unmentioned characters. The only exception is Shago and Omen as they technically didn’t participate as much as they invaded to fuel the wrath of the impending Gargos.

This I actually don’t know. We know there was another tournament hosted earlier so does that make this game the second tournament? Either way it’s pretty long if it takes three seasons lol

The physical and mental transfer to the upgraded Fulgore unit dude or an entirely new project! :grin: At least that’s the only impression left with Eagle and all. As I know it, they never gave away anything someone desired.

Well like said before there is technically only one tournament in the span of the game. Jago does it to purge his evil, Wulf does it to find a cure, Glacius does it to seek the person who stole his tech, Thunder does it to seek for answers of his brother, Sadira does it to prove her skills as an assasin, Orchid does it to get closer to Ultratech, Spinal does it to break his curse, Fulgore does it because he has to… and so on.

No one, the tournament never truly concluded before the arrival of Gargos.

Sign language? I’m sure they just go with the flow or figure some way of communication that never was relevant towards the development of story.

Dead, disbanded or hiding. That’s what Disavowed means, I’m sure at one point it was a well-organized militia until the first tournament or just from the attacks by Ultratech that aren’t ever mentioned - maybe in comics.

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This guy is correct. The winner gets whatever he desires as long as it is something Ultratech can realistically give them.

Also the KI tournament show was the biggest show on television and a huge money maker. Kind of like “RUNNING MAN”.

There are other competitors, but they are just filler and don’t make it far in the tournament.

In KI Classic it was Orchid

The new game here are 3 potentail winners
Fulgore (defeated Orchid + went into mass production)
Jago (???)
Spinal (Mask)

I dunno the story is confusing