Bug or was it intentional?

Alright, I’m back after that ban. But let’s carry on shall we?

I’m going to go over two things, Wallsplats and fireballs.

Let’s go with wallsplta first. Now, alot of people know how wallsplats work, get a mixup go nuts. Now the other main thing about it is unscaled throws. Now…in @Infilament guide it says throws do unscaled damage after a wallsplat…well…that’s half true. Some characters like Cinder, Mira and ARIA receive a scaling penalty on their throws after a wallsplat. Why?

Well I have a theory, some characters enter the “combo system” when they throw (Ie, you see your KV, lvl ender and hit counter pop up during some throws) other characters such as fulgore or thunder despite being two hits don’t enter the “combo system” here.

I would like to know why certain characters get penalized for throws after doing wallsplta while others don’t. Kim wu is another case like cinder ,mira and ARIA but doesn’t receive the penalty for whatever reason. Is this intentional? Or is this a bug?

Also (this is regarding ARIA mostly) ARIA does not get a cross up mix-up after doing her wallsplat ender unlike every other wallsplat ender other characters have. Again, was this an intentional thing? Or a bug? Is it because ARIA’s mixups are too potent to allow cross-ups after a wallsplat? Or some other reason? Would be nice to get soem insight from the devs. I’ll tag them at the end of this post.

Now the second thing. Fireballs. I brought this up months ago but it was (half truth I believe) that the devs confirmed that fireballs that stay on screen for a certain period of time lose that double dmage bonus. Now this is true…but apparently one can cheat the game into thinking the fireball is actually hitting the opponent as if they were right next to them.

Example, jago’s throw a charged endokuken from full screen. Now normally a charged endokuken does 50 damage (roughly 14%) but from full screen (regradless of strength used) it will be 25 damage. Half the damage AKA losing the bonus damage. Now here’s the thing, you can cheat the system by doing almost any action. Such as whiffing jabs preforming a windkick etc etc (yes we’ve all dealt with fireball windkick full screen stuff).

Now, that fully charged enokuken jago released from full screen that was supposed to do 25 damage? Well it now does it’s 50 damage instead because apparently the game thinks you’re near the opponent when pressing buttons.

If you don’t believe, go into training pick jago, turn on attack data, go full screen and throw two charged endokukens. Throw one by itself while doing nothing, you will get 25 damage. Then throw another one but this time start mashing jabs. You will see that fireball instantly do 50 damage for whatever reason.

Why this is I don’t know. Jago’s not the only character who can do this. any character that has a fireball that takes time to cross the screen can do this. Such as omen, glacius, spinal, shago, mira, maya.

Is this practical? Why yes it is since there are many setups for these characters that can easily take advantage of this. and get even more damage then they really should be. There is one however one exception to this. Riptor.

Riptors mortars are strange. Normally a mortar deals 20 damage. However if riptor moves forward or backward (doesn’t matter) her mortars suddenly deal half that (10 damage). Even at point blank range for whatever reason. But if she stands still they deal they normal value of 20. Again is this all intentional or a glitch? Oh and regarding throws again…how come the guts scaling (health scaling) affects “combo throws” but not “non combo throws”?


TLTR, why are certain wallsplats penalized more then others? And why can fireballs cheat the system?