Bug: Not getting Astral gems from a losing run

I have gone through shadow lords mode twice on challenging since the beta, narrowly losing to Gargos both times (it got a lot harder from the beta) at the end it said I have earned around 6000 astral gems both times, but I go to the next run to see that they are not there, my account is on the same as where it left.

Also I’m not seeming to get enough astral energy to feed my guardians to the point of not being able to use any on my next run. This was never a problem in the beta. I know the fact that i’m getting few astral gems so am unable to buy new guardians is contributing to this a little but still.

These two problems together are making it impossible to continue runs…The only thing I can think of doing at this point is to go through on normal again using nothing to gather more astral energy. Which is annoying as I have played through lots/ gathered lots and the point is the more you play the more you gather the easier it gets but for me at the mo with these I think bugs, the opposite is happening sadly.

Need to put this in the stickied bug reporting thread, along with as detailed a description as possible so they can possibly replicate the steps.

Not trying to scold or anything, just trying to inform. Make sure you always use the search bar to see if anyone else has encountered the issue, or check for the bug reporting thread. Since the game is rather large and is prone to have glitches from time to time, making a dedicated thread for them saves forum space.

I did search, shadow lords bugs, didn’t see anything stickied or relevant sorry.

Easy to reproduce, play through on challenging, lose, don’t get the gems it says you should, lol.

Can a mod @CStyles45 or someone move this to the relevant thread please ?

There’s no specific section for Shadow Lords bugs, you just report them to the “Official Bug Reporting Thread” in the Game Suggestions and Feedback section.

I thought this was kinda sneeky. In beta the only thing astral energy was good for was feeding the guardians. Now astral energy is part of the crafting recipes. So pay close attention when you craft stuff, because you can use up your guardian food without knowing it.


Thanks, that’s could well be whats happening with astral energy as I hadn’t realised about that change.

I’ve had this bug happen to me just now. Was supposed to get about 4.7k gems but when I booted up a new run of Shadow Lords none of it is there. I did nothing different except play the game.

I will need @Delriach to confirm, but the amount you’re seeing is what you earned DURING the playthrough. Not at the end. So in the entirety of all the turn & fights you earned 6k Gems.

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Yep, this is correct.

Yeah, I did another run and realised that this was what it must mean, maybe it was me being dumb or maybe it could be a little clearer. Thanks for the response though.

I do feel that a small bonus for finishing a run (winning or losing) would be nice maybe 500/1000 gems 100/200 energy or something, so you start the next run a little better off than the last.
Or maybe a bonus based on how many fights or days they went through as people could just spam through otherwise.

My astral energy problem seems to be solved by making sure I play the 5 SL multi player games a day to get the daily rewards. Not really a fan of playing SL multi, but if this is the way to keep up with my guardian needs then so be it.