Bug ender on kim wu(kan ras should read)

After level 1 and 3 bug enders kim wu is palaced outside of command grab range. (Also hisako is placed outside of command grab range after lv1 ender ONLY). But kim is IN grab range after level 2 and 4 bug enders. I tested this on other females too they can be grabbed after all ender levels. This inconsistancy almost made me lose a game -.- I hope they give a lil bigger hitbox to those two grills.

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Yep lvl 2 ender launches them the shortest distance. You have to be careful

But why 1 and 3 puts them away while 2 and 4 keeps them in grab range. Seems like a mistake

Why is light swarm less minus than hard swarm? why are flipouts character specific? why does clutch double damage when there is a shadow trap on the field?
A lot of stuff doesn’t make any sense in KI especially Kan-Ra stuff.

I think a list/chart about clutch, swarm ender and different characters would be usefull! you wanna do that?

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Well light and heavy versions should show a diffrence but double digit level ender’s distance diffrence of the same ender seems like unintended ( Does this make sense? bad english :pensive: ). Only kim(lv1,lv3) and hisako(lv1) are safe from grab. I dont think other characters’ hitboxes are small enough to make them safe from grab(but im not sure)

That’s good to know for my Kan ra MU THNX