Buck you too Gargos

I know this has been a topic already, but i wanted to share my opinion, godlike 800.000 points, killed gargos, ending screen, freeze. Gargos final power froze the game. All characters dead, fix this ■■■■. I could have gotten something better than the fulgore plating, thank you for being an basshole of crap, gargos, i switch my main now. And he doesnt even fight good, and what is wrong with the ai? The ai really thinks they are good? They are really dumb, seriously, when they try to sit on me because i am better they are not better than the most ranked players, its not a fighting game if the ai cheases everything. May the next update bring big changes and let it being worth waiting 3 months. But i guess it wont. Still missing mask of the ancients completed the mode too often on all difficultys with all possible 100.000 league score point thingys. I mean for every 100.000 points you get a new item or something like that. I dont know why i am still supporting this game it only makes you rage and kill someone.

I take it Gargos has left you a tad salty…


I can’t play Shadow Lords without crashing at least once. I don’t mind the crash so much as I hate dying from it. Should be simple enough to change the forced death feature from crashes.

I usually rush shadow lords because it crashes and I only play it to get mimic skins.

Yeah the random crashes are kind of stupid. I’ve been playing with tusk who comes back to life after a death but if you crash and reload he stays dead which is funny. I guess Tusk finally figured out how to die for good… just crash in shadow lords.

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Wow. I have not seen it crash at all. At least not SL mode. That sucks you guys are dealing with that.