Bring Killer Instinct in the real world!

Would you create a program to bring the Killer Instinct characters to life?

Imagine Ultratech being created in our world.

The heroes would fight the bad guys to protect us.

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For me, YES! Imagine the list of possiblities like, having a pet Riptor, riding Aganos, and a Fulgore guardian!

But I have a question: Do guest characters count?


The world of Killer Instinct is a post-apocalyptic world… So of course not!
It’s a very “kill or be killed” kind of world, and everything Ultratech makes are meant to kill other people! You won’t be able to have a Riptor pet or a Fulgore guardian, because they would both kill you the moment you come within their radar.


Well what if, with advanced technology that Ultratech can’t even surpass or has no idea of, the Riptor and Fulgore units can reprogrammed to be weapons of self-defense, not destruction!

What about the heroes? Would you call to them for if there was a crisis?

Is anyone interested in creating such a program?

If Jago was real…

Me: “So what’s with the mask? Is it to look cool or is it because you’re secretly sociophobic?”

Jago: “I don’t need to answer that.”

Me: “Ah. So fear of people…”


Me: “Then why with the mask?”

Jago: “Why do you need to know?!”

Me: “Because you’ve never taken it off. How do you even eat? Do you just slide the food under the faceplate?”

Jago: “Your outlandish question is trying my patience…”

Me: "Damn it Jago, you’ve been hiding your face for nearly 20 years! You can’t keep this up forever!

(Pulls off the mask)

Me: Ken Lobb? Wait, if you’re Jago, then who the hell was playing Thunder?

(Shows a bird wearing an oversized native Headdress)

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I would pack my bags, sell my condo, say goodbye to the folks and move into ultratech. Meet and greet ARIA, and start a new life.

Trust me…you do not want to see what Jago’s face looks like. It’s all over YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter, you name it

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I actually remember having that glitch happen to me once in Season 3’s launch, and odly enough Spinal lost his headband, weapons and legs in the same match.

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Rash’s Complimentary Party Services: “He’ll Crash Your Party, today!”