Bring back Original TJ Combo and Sabrawulf Mechanic Combo Systems - Killer Instinct 4

TJ combo and Sabrawulf mechanic’s systems need changes and same original KI mechanic…

Let me explain; original TJ combo’s machanic backfist and double backfist…

Backfist :  Back, Forward + Low Punch or Hold Back, Forward + Low Punch.
Double Backfist:   Forward, Back + Low Punch or Hold Forward, Back + Low Punch..

Gonna need to be more detailed than that.


He means you could either get the linker motion (during combo) charging forward or back.

For instance in this KI: You would go Sabrewulf’s ragged edge back-forward + P and during the combo after the autodouble you would just input (while holding forwad considering the last special move input) back again plus a manual/autodouble.

The combo would be similar to: Back-forward + HP (ragged edge), hold forward, Heavy autodouble, hold back plus light punch (light ragged edge linker), autodouble, ender.

I think something similar happens with Mayas kicks linker…

Anyway, I’m glad there’s no charging moves anymore, that wasn’t happening in KI2 either, Wulf didn’t have them anymore and I was ok with that despite being used to playing with them.


Agreed, those can stay in the past…

If that’s the case then I’m going to have to disagree with the OP. The game in it’s current state just wasn’t built with charge mechanics in mind due to this game being much more aggressive focused than the old games. Not to mention you have characters like Spinal and Fulgore who have nigh-instantaneous teleports compared to the old games which can really mess up charge inputs.

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Chill out, this is the second thread of yours I’ve seen like this asking to bring back old things. If you really want to buy a season 1 or 2 disk and play that. Games have to change it’s unfortunate but it happens😕

I have all season 1-3 already. i concerned about KI 2013 mechanical combos changed, KI 2013 not original KI mechanical…

thanks for explained

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I didn’t mention the original KI though. The combo system is easy enough to do. Charge moves are not very friendly to people who aren’t farmiliar with them,doing that would make the combos harder.No need to change the combo system again.

I understand…I disagree :confused:

I respect that