Bring back Bloody Roar!

Does anyone miss Bloody Roar besides me?

Check out this fanmade one:

I would love to see a new one, but sales performance of the last few installments lead me to believe we won’t be seeing a new one for quite some time/ever :frowning:

Wouldn’t mind seeing a new one. MS has plenty of franchises out there in terms of fighters where they could go to the IP owner and try and contract with them on bring a series back exclusively on Xbox One, and given how many exclusive fighters Sony seems to have lined up, I’d say it’s high time they start doing just that.

I know it was a while ago, but does anyone remember Phil Spencer saying to Xbox fans that he’d “make it up to us” for losing Street Fighter V to Sony? Still waiting for that.

I know I’m starting to sound bitter, but MS is dropping the ball here, plain and simple. If they’ve got some stuff going on with regard to this genre that I don’t know about, then great. I’ll gladly eat my words. But whether it’s Bloody Roar or another (few) titles, MS needs to get it in gear.

Sony should think about buying Bloody Roar from Konami.

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If they do then maybe I’ll consider getting a PS4

Or a reboot of that fighting game would be very nice :wink:

If only they made something like this!

Well I hear by crown myself as “fool of the day” for thinking it was real.

Aw well. Maybe Bloody roar may come back some day.

So sorry. At least this was an example to how it would look like somehow.

No one is to blame but me :slight_smile:

we got stun the insect .

how new character maybe arachnid ?.