Brief questions about future updates

Will they ever fix the lighting in the game stages? Specifically the lighting on the characters?

And, my favorite question. Will we see more stage ultra’s returning in the near future? A bit more brutal, killer instinct 1 style? TJ Combo’s stage, is the only stage where I actually feel the ultra is BRUTAL, I don’t like the other stages much.

Perhaps the return of classic no mercy and humiliations?

The lighting was completely redone for all characters and stages across the board at the beginning of the season. What lighting specifically do you dislike?

All the Season 3 stages have been released already, so we probably wont see any other finishing moves any time soon.

People have been requesting Finishing Moves since the game launched years ago. I don’t think it’s happening :confused:

What is the purpose of taunt? It just an emote?

Basically some character in specific stages would look brighter or darker then they should be compared to other characters. Here’s an example that @Ravan86 pointed out and photoshopped to make Tusk match the stage’s lighting

It’s little things like these that just builds up in time. Also please polish the clipping in this game. It’s everywhere now lol

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ha i barely noticet he clipping, but it is nowhere near SFV levels of clipping.

yep. The taunt has no practical use, other than causing rage.


Can you change taunt or its just 1 default?

No mercies were a cheap attempt to stuff violence in the game to help it compete with Mortal Kombat.

Back then, violence and sex were used to sell games.

Almost everyone agrees that it is a bad practice, and hope games never have to go back to that.

No mercies do not help the game in any way, and KI does not need more violence to be better.

Adding violent enders would be a brainless, un-useful, waste of resources, and would make me very sad.

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But I liked it…

Much like the “Sonic the Hedgehog” series…

Liking it doesnt change the fact that it is undeniably bad.

I think adding it wouldn’t be horrible but just humorous in 2016. Can be totally optional.

Killer instinct should feel unique and not another generic fighter.

Maybe the new generation of kids born after 2000 will see it as bad but I am old generation guy born in the 80s and I was around the time the first game came out in early 90s so for me, I wouldn’t see it as something that’s not good but rather a homage paid to the original.