Bought Season 1 but xboxone is in another country

So i bought Season One along time ago on Xbox one i get the message that pops up about my save needs to be updated from the Xbox one but the Xbox was left in the united kingdom by accident when i sent my kids to visit grandma…i wont be getting my system back until end of Sept when my mom arrives in america off her boat trip… is there any other way to verify purchase of my season 1 ?

is there a support email that can better assist?

Can you sign in - or have someone sign you in - on any Xbox that has Season 3 installed?

unfortunately Multiple Sclerosis is stopping it from being hooked up on there end also they are on some kind of satellite internet xboxone only downloaded at few 100 bites per sec not even kb my kids have friends with xboxes but not even my own kids know my xbox live account info they have there own.

okay so at this point is that a no this issue cannot be resolved for 5 n a half months?

i honestly do not care about the saved game ect just want to purchase season 2 and 3 since i already own 1.