Boss Characters Need A Code

To keep up with the tradition of the first two games, boss characters shouldn’t be selectable by default. You either need to do a code on the vs screen or at the character selection screen to unlock them at the select screen. For example, in order to pick Gargos, you need to pick Eyedol and hold right and press left down b x up y lb rb left down down at the vs screen. So in order to even do that you need to do Eyedol’s code.

Eyedol, Gargos, Shadow Jago, ARIA,and Shadow Jago need to have some type of code implemented for use.

i dont agree becasue they are not broken if you think so.

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But I never said they are broken. Since they are boss characters they need special treatment in how to select them.

well thats your opinion and i respect that but that means its kind of restricted on characters select like omen is kind of considired boss type of character

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i get what you are saying but my question is just why?

Just to have it as a throwback to the first two games.

By that logic the characters all need to be rendered in plastic- like silicon graphics


well not a bad idea but i already like the game like it is now

and i think boss characters should not have a code

Maybe for a “boss” version of Eyedol & Gargos…like whatever overpowered gimmicks their boss versions have (like Gargos spawning both minions at the same time)…but if they do this I’d keep it for offline vs. only.

But for regular Eyedol & Gargos…NO. Not at all.


i agree there

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Also, if you play it on an out-of-the-box console or a PC, the frame rate should cap at 30fps and resolution should be 800x600.

BUT, if you encase your monitor and your console or PC in a wooden box, then paint the KI logo on the side of that box, you get 60fps and 1080p.

That’s a great idea!

They don’t need to because they have retro outfits already.

So I would constantly have to input a code for a character which I have already purchased but that’s alright because he’s a boss character seems legit.

For a superior version of a boss character. Not the default version.

Oh never mind then I stand corrected yeah I guess that’d be pretty cool.

I get the sentiment, but I’m not sure how useful it’d be given that boss versions wouldn’t be tourney viable and probably wouldn’t be available outside of SL multiplayer.

Now if you’re saying “why not make them available in all modes,” I guess my question would be “why?” Boss versions essentially break the game, so while I totally get the idea of having characters break the game in SL, why do that outside of SL? Now you’re just breaking the whole, entire game which is bad in and of itself for obvious reasons, but it’s also kind of diminishing one of the coolest features of SL,which is the ability to break the games rules.

All of that downside, to me, isn’t adequately balanced out by the thrill of having a classic call back. Personally, I think they could bring some more cool, classic call backs to other parts of the game without it affecting gameplay the way this would:

-Having a more classic KI intro replace the Checking DLC loading screen.

-Darker, more action oriented KI1 FMV style character boxes on the pre-match “Fight On” screen.

-Combo fonts that look like a modernized version of the original KI combo fonts.

Just a few examples there.

I don’t think so.

People PAY for those characters, there’s no way they’d have to be picked with a code.

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Name one boss character in recent history that requires a code to play (and no I don’t mean modding). Can you name any? No? Why do you think that is? Because it’s dumb and tedious for competitive play.