Borderlands purchase-?

I’m in store trying to get the borderlands free game

But it keeps saying it can’t be purchased right now

Anyone have any problems with the live Gold free fame this month? I did get lords of the fallen recently but just wondering if it’s cause the love store is rampant with KI season 3 purchases or not

You could try using the Xbox website. It might work out better.

well… try using (if you have one) your 360, its how i got mine, you cant get 360 games from the xb1

Thnx guys
Ill try today

did the same thing but instead of the usual get it option 1 thing it gives me the “you do not have a valid payment option” which makes NO sense because I usually buy using MS cards.

WTF is going on!?

Went on the Xbox website today and re entered info
Try it once more jeffron