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Here’s my idea for the section called "UPGRADES"
A split screen for seasons with panes of every fighter, every fighter has a menu with 6 items purchased Wrestler, 5 or even 4 for some:

No mercy 1
No mercy 2
Retro stage 1
Retro stage 2

E 'can purchase these items or choosing the currency KI gold, then paying with real money, or you may decide to invest the points earned in the shadow mode shadow.
the value of 6 items varies depending on their importance and beauty in the match.
the humiliation I have placed among the last as it is in my opinion a final treat only for people who really are going to be sending hate messages from other players emoticon wink
the higher value is obviously the stage retro … a precious place to return to, with graphics of today!

Only wrestlers present in both old KI have two stages retro, Thunder only own one, the wrestlers as Sadira or Aganos for example not possess retro internships, while wrestlers like Omen or Shadow Jago besides not owning retro stages, possess only a Hultimate unless both are not brought to the same level of importance of the other wrestlers.

PS: You can also see a short video preview of the article you want to buy here … no expense is spared!

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KI gold or Shadow point, gold is always the choice of those who want to unlock not playing.

@rukizzel Give this man a job! LOL!


I have to disagree with this, hiding portions of the game off like this behind a paywall is one thing killing the games industry right now. It’s an artificial method of creating rarity and value, and only serves as a nickle and diming method to draw out more cash from the community. Even if they are earnable by playing the game a lot, anyone who’s tried to get some of their character’s better colors and accessories know there is enough grind to this game already.

Stages, finishers, etc. are like chess pieces, just as the cast. Every piece is necessary to start and play a game. Denying access simply because they don’t meet some artificial requirement or they have to pay will destroy interest in these options, and most likely, interest in the game. WB is bad enough about this, walling off portions of their game and content only to make extra pennies off players who will pay to avoid grinding and playing. It’s a dishonest practice that’s made its way through lots of games (console and PC).

Mortal Kombat’s faction system is one way (not a paywall, but a ridiculous obstacle nonetheless) fatalites are walled off and not accessible. No one takes stock in factions anymore because they honestly mean nothing. Reaching a faction level limit offers little reward, and anything associated with the factions has little bearing on the core gameplay, except that it denies you finishers. After catching flak from fans, it’s probably why they made the classic fatality packs free.

Retro stages and ultimates are no different, you’re asking to nickle and dime the fanbase, and it’s dishonest. I can appreciate you are trying to incorporate a use for a feature that has gone under utilized since the start of season 2, but this isn’t a way you go about it. You don’t deny content and carve your game into pieces just to make a few bucks.

ok, then we remove the gold and use only shadow points, at least they have a sense!

I can’t disagree with that, shadow points at the moment are pretty useless, but stages and finishers should be ready to use out of the box. The costumes and stuff I can justify grinding, and maybe the shadow points could be spent on the non-premium accessories, but stages and finishers shouldn’t have to be grinded for, and that’s my point. I wish they would eventually find a creative way to incorporate boosters, I just don’t think this is a good way. It’s an opinion though.

How is this any different from Killer Instinct’s current model. You still have to pay for the characters which come along with their own corresponding stage. I understand your sentiments, but retro stages, no mercy, and humiliations are not essential to game play, as the core system is already in place. All of these things would be no different than the retro outfits which guess what…you have to pay for. A small dev team like IG doesn’t have the resources to work on all of these aspects without some sort incentive. IG has hinted at interests in doing extra things such as this, however their resources for the most part go into new characters, stages, and keeping the game balanced with each subsequent release. The gaming industry is here to make money, and KI being based off of the free to play model has always been about paying for what features/characters you want. I don’t see how this goes against anything that is already in place. To be frank, if it won’t allow IG to profit, why would they waste their time on something as frivolous as a no mercy or humiliation. It’s nothing but a different sequence of animations that achieve the same result ultimately as a normal ultra. Just as in the case of Shadow Jago, we paid to make him a true character and I’m sure that this will be the same in the case of @Ravan86 suggestions. All of these things are not integral parts of the game and IG even mention in the past that if they were to ever revisit season 1 retros, we would pay for them.

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So you’re telling me you would be comfortable with paying for the classic fatalities and other items integral to gameplay? Basically, you just won best 2 of 3 and now you’re at the finisher stage, but you have nothing unlocked and have to stand there looking goofy for it? Given that’s a dramatic over reach, but this nickle and diming stuff is leading to that point quickly.

I understand that the gaming industry is here to make money, but a lot of companies now divide their games into components just to see how much they can milk the fanbase for extra cash when the game developers didn’t even put in the extra effort to require the separate purchase of the content. I know IG puts in a lot of effort into their product, but imagine if they could seal away Ultras, and not just the extra finishers away too? There’s nothing to stop them. It’s a critical gameplay component they hid behind a paywall. Some people rely on it in their meta game, some don’t, but to deny it unless you’re willing to pay extra for something already completed?

And stages are just as critical, they aren’t cosmetic. Granted each one represents a different personality from another, but saying you have to buy the game, then buy a stage, then buy a character, then buy a finisher. You can’t play unless you have a stage to play on, or a character. WHERE will it end? These are all worst case scenarios, but some companies actually find ways to justify this dishonest practice.

Now the retro outfits and accessories, etc. are PURELY cosmetic, and yes, I don’t have a problem in the extra expense to enjoy those items. That’s a more honest avenue of profit beyond the game’s main delivery. But no piece of the main game should be denied, especially if it can impact the experience of the core mechanics.

As for Shadow Jago, he’s an exception, not a rule. While he was not within the original plan of content, yes you should pay extra for him, as it is hard work they are doing to make him playable and unique. However, his Ultimate and Stage have already been developed, but say IG decides you need to pay to use the Ultimate, and you can’t do so without the stage. Walling off features you had before, now taken away because they wanted to pan you for something you already paid for, you don’t think this isn’t ONE bit unfair?

Stages and finishers ARE vital components of the gameplay experience that should come with the character as you purchase them, and not hidden behind some pay to play wall to avoid a grind. You basically are taking a character and walling off playable things for a few extra dollars. If ultimates come at the cost of having to pay extra for them, then we are better off without them. I don’t care if I don’t get retro sadira or not, that won’t impact me at all. But not being able to use her ultra to secure a win is a big deal, and walling off the experience to a select few arenas is too.

If you really want to find a HUMONGOUS example of how this can easily get out of hand, look into the controversy of SF x Tekken. I’m not saying IG will ever do this, but to believe you can hind that MUCH content, that was FULLY COMPLETED within the original development cycle of the game, and expect people to pay extra for that, it’s not only dishonest, it’s downright despicable.

You have a very good point and I agree that it can get out of hand, however I think that IG has done very well using the free to play model thus far and nothing has gotten out of hand as of yet. I just don’t see how retro stages or alternate finishers such as humiliations or no mercies are “integral” to gameplay. All of these things are simply additional content, no different from retro outfits. Just like Shago’s ultimate adds nothing to the game but a fancy alternate finish as opposed to his ultra. I can’t justify all this as being integral, even retro stages are just additional content. Not having them would take nothing away from the core game. I only say that because I would rather IG focus their resources on character development and maintaining this game’s near perfect balance. Then again, I can see how all of these things could be added in a future season that’s not focused on releasing new characters but rather on improving overall cosmetics and game play mechanics. I just don’t see it happening during season 3 unless they do something to justify developing additional content, and I can assure you that going to come down to profit.

Then I believe this is where we agree to disagree. I do see these as necessary components of the game, not just fancy alternates that bear no meaning. To me, Stages and finishers are NOT just vanity items. Even if you already have one, and don’t necessarily need to have others, these items are classified on a list of items needed to play the game, and to deny anything needed to play the game should not be paywalled off. As far as their cost, I think any cost of those items should come down to the cost of the season itself, as part of the package. I don’t even believe they should be hidden behind a grind wall, free or not, as a grind wall lends itself to the pay to skip grind thing.

You need characters, stages, finishers to play. If it is tied to one of these core categories, I don’t see how you can justify making it pay to play beyond the original season payment, as these are the necessary components. They are not, at least to me, vanity items.