Boosters and other suggestions

i have been waiting for the boosters section to be talked about for 2 years and ive heard nothing so ffar. I would like this to be finally eleborated on. I want it to be like an RPG element, like allowing us to give orchid armor like aganos, or giving us enchanments like allowing orchid to use the cat move as a norm rather than a super. Or allowing aganos to have increased damage. JUst fun stuff that allows you to build the KI roster anyway we want. I also would like tag team battles like MVC3. That alone would increase the numer of hours of gameplay us veterans would put into the game. Also another cool feature i would love to see is MAKE YOUR OWN ULTRA COMBO. yea like have dozens of moves and link em up and allow characters to do huge supers and linkers and stuff. like 3 recaptures in a single combo cool stuff. Also i would like to see more costumization. Allow us to change every color of someones costume even eye color. I would also like to allow us to choose different auras, like jago have mist coming from his body like omen. Another thing i think would be cool is for killer instinct to have like another mode where they can build up thier character like an RPG and face costomized computer AI in an endless randomized battles. Like you gain XP per battle, spend xp on enchanments and buffers or nerfs, become a god character face other AI randoms like you. you could even save your progress. this mode is in guilty gear xrd sign. its a real cool mode and it would be awesome on killer instinct. Also I would like to costimize the game mechanics, like choosing different speeds of the game (like in killer instinct 2) and have the option to battle with infinite supers (like in killer instinct 2) to make stupid slapstick combos. anyway what do you guys think, i hope this gets to the developers PLEASE READ THIS! lol.

Is it a seperate mode or will it be a part of the whole game. If a seperate mode,you mean like Heroes and Heralds from UMvC3.

i kan see it as apart of the full game, and it being a massive update, like what i suggested alone could be an entire seasons worth of content type of stuff.

Balance issues. If you give a character an advantage that they don’t currently have,then you make him op.

yea, just a thought you know?

I like the concept. Maybe as a heroes and heralds type thing?