Bonus Character

Save Eyedol for another season. We can wait

I think it’s Gargos. Save Eyedol as the boss for another season, they haven’t even dropped any hints of Eyedol existing in the KI universe besides the Shadow Lords. But even then Eyedol hasn’t been name dropped so it could be possible that another “Shadow Lord” can’t take his place.

Pls IGS. Dont make us beg for Eyedol. Bonus or regular character, bring it. I deslike some things you did with this game but i love the fact you brought Rash to KI. The game still funny, i still playing it sometimes but you guys may understand how perfect time it is to brIng Eyedol back a this new KI and turn him into Omen’s weapon. Shadow Eyedol A.K.A. Sheyedol LOL.

Makes no sense to bring him later than this and here’s another reason to have “SHEYEDOL” at season 3. Omen are vunerable to the dragon spirit. The dragon spirit can erase all dark matter in a blink of an eye (puns, quips, jokes). So Omen needs to be possessing something to have a chance to beat Kim-Wu. Otherwise he cannot defeat Kim storywise saying.

Season 4 would be a waste of efforts. Close this game and start an AAA project for the next KI game. Microsoft will be proud of KI. Have faith.

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My personal theory for Eyedol in the current KI story is that he is the brunt of ARIA’s “pinnacle response” that she plans to use to fight Gargos. Fight fire with fire so to speak.

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I would love Eyedol to be in the game as well. Imagine the dream matchup of Gargos vs Eyedol (of course Eyedol would win).

Eyedol was also so unique as a character - so unlike all the other obvious tropes in the game. Please please please let the bonus character be Eyedol!


Gargos is the bonus character!

I sure do hope there’s a 9th bonus character but it doesn’t look like there’s going to be . I always thought we’d end up with a 27 character roster. Would have made a lot of sense to have 9 characters in each season, like we’ve had so far. Without saying too much though, the new Character select screen doesn’t seem to have 27 slots, but 26 instead.

If there was a bonus wouldn’t it be something like a Shadow Orchid?

I personally would like something along the lines of a Male vampire or Human form Saberwulf, but from the sound of it they want to go with another Shadow-like character that’s female. I’d much prefer additional stages if that were the case, but by the end of the season we’ll have a clearer look at what the game’s roster could use and maybe people will rally behind something again.

What new character select screen?

That’s part of the leak.

Huh… I haven’t seen anything about a leaked select screen.

OP, are you saying you know who it is or that you have a theory about who it might be? If it’s a theory, and it’s not Gargos or Eyedol, I’d be curious to see who you think it might be.

I’d be kind of surprised if there’s a leaked select screen with all 8 or 9 characters already on it. I tend to doubt the last few characters are that close to being finished already.

Still, seems a bit odd to create a thread to say that you believe we already know who the bonus character is and then say you can’t say who it is, but then say “I just wanted to say so now so I have proof I was right” when you haven’t said a name yet in this thread. Unless I misread something.

Would you maybe want to share with the rest of the class? If you say who you think it is, that’s different from saying “look at this leaked screenshot.” I’d be very surprised if they closed the thread based on you saying something like that without providing something you’re not supposed to provide (ie leaked evidence).

I could be wrong, but I believe the OP is talking about a character mentioned in this article: (Hint: not Maya or Kan-ra) :wink:

So he’s theorizing that it’s ************? Why would that make the mods want to lock this thread? Unless there’s some sort of leaked select screen or something along those lines out there, which seems possible given what people are kinda sorta but not really but maybe referring to here as the source, I must be completely missing what’s going on in this thread lol.

Ooooooooooh I seeeeeeeeeeeee nowwwwwwwwwww.

Thanks, man! :slightly_smiling:

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Wrong again. Only one option left. My only reasoning is I think that he could do without a retro costume

oh. My bad. I suppose you do have point. That other one :wink: doesn’t have an alternate costume to make a retro with.

good, so ask him to not “mention” that.