Board Gaming Thread!


I seriously need to try out figurine painting, looking back through your projects are incredible! As for being busy, no worries, we all have things that come up - hope all is well though.

Those commander model + bodyguards look pretty cool, especially the one on the far right. I love the amount of detail just on the figure alone. Can’t imagine the kind f paint scheme you’d do, but the posture reminds me of the green army men I used to have. I have to look them up now.

Yeah, the game is pretty fun. It is a bit lackluster in some areas but it is amazingly fun once things get going and you face tight situations. Like the fact that I recognize the characters which is a huge plus. The four main characters have a different means of playing based on their arsenal.


It’s been an obscenely long time, but I’m doing some more work painting miniatures. If anyone has an interest, I’ll post some more pictures up! I’ve got a lot of painting projects ahead and I’m planning to work on and complete them regularly.

If anyone has any more board games they’d like to talk about, or has minis of their own to share, I’d love to continue the discussion!

My most recent board game pickups are the Dark Souls boardgame (waiting on the next round of my Kickstarter rewards) and the Zombicide: Black Plague additions from Green Horde. I should get the Green Horde base kit in the next couple of weeks, and the remainder of my Kickstarter rewards later in the year.


I have the Bloodborne board game but haven’t played it yet due to it takes 4 players :frowning:
Post your pics!


The new faction I’ve picked up for Warmachine is the Retribution of Scyrah. ■■■■■■ off elves seeking to eliminate all human magic users, as human magic is killing the elves’ god.

I have a bunch of infantry and warjacks still to paint, and I will be sure to share the photos as I complete them.

I went with a red color scheme instead of the standard white-and-green.


A few more pictures of completed pieces;

And one I’ve modified to look as though it’s flying, painting should be done tonight!


It’s been close to a year since I’ve posted in here, but I have some more completed painted models (and several projects currently in the works). Would anyone like to see more?


RESURRECTION! nice work on the minis btw skeletal, pretty good stuff! alright board games, lets talk. am i alone here in that i dropped money onto the Deep Madness kickstarter? i received my copy of the game a few months ago, and jesus christ its been a total blast. like, it is a seriously challenging sci fi horror game in the vein of dead space and HP lovecraft set in an underwater mining facility, kadath.

the pacing is pretty good, limited number of rounds so you’re on a time limit in completing the mission objective. its brutal in that every new round the game will spawn new horrors for you to fight against, and when my friend and i been 2 manning this ■■■■■ we always get overrun. you have some strong monsters, weaker ones, and then you got the boss monsters that we only have faced 1 of. the miniatures are high quality, the board pieces look awesome, and the story is pretty neat. you can go ■■■■■■■ insane depending on how your fights go, and when your character is totally nutty you will suffer consequences that will result in some form of crowd control, debuff, dropping your guns, damage being taken, or generally just ■■■■■■■ your party over. if there are too many nasties rushing you to eat your face, you can close doors as well, thus forcing them to start rolling for an attribute test to see if they bust it down. if there are too many monsters, and their horror rating surpasses your investigator’s escape rating, he/she is ■■■■■■ and must kill some to move again.

highlight was a mission to escape to a subway train in the facility. we had to run our investigators while blowing away any monsters in our path to power it up. with bad luck plagueing us at the dice roll, too many survived and it got to a point where nearly all of the bestiary was on the board. we had 4 doors closed, lady luck was on our side as we failed the monster tests to bust them down. but at the very last round we passed their door tests and probably close to 40 of the ■■■■■■■■ came pouring in screaming in a rage trying to slaughter our investigators. we opened up with shotguns while retreating and at the very last turn barely made it onto the train leaving that huge riot behind. overall its a pretty exciting game! id post up images, but im firewalled and the images come out way too tiny to post. this game is pretty merciless, you need teamwork to win, you have to blow your investigator abilities, and above all you need to search search and search some more to grab weapons to fight them.

you got ARs, 12 gauge shotties, SMGs, pistols, long rifles, construction tools, blunt weaps, blades, and your wits. we were armed to the teeth and still got overwhelmed. if youre throwing 5 dice down with an SMG, you need to score 5 or higher on the roll, as an example, then the monster gonna throw dice to defend to see how many bullets bounce off. or if you got say, a double barrel 12 gauge, and you throw snake eyes, the monster in your sights is instantly splattered all over the wall.

likewise if a monster lands a hit on you, they’ll throw a special dice with a chance to see what special attack they can land on you. some will pin you, some will possess you for instant undefendable damage, some will slow you thus causing you unable to attack, some ignore your saves and slash you through armor, one species can yank you across the room, there are many things they can do and none are good. there are also tough armored ones that are walking juggernauts from hell that if they are in a submerged room where you can drown in btw, they will heal HP back. not gonna lie, just to put a dent in one of those things the whole party had to unload with shotties and ARs, then to our dismay he chased us in through the water and got the damage back. yep. lol

what an intense game that is, i think this weekend we are going to set up for another session and see whats up. one play through typically lasts about 2 to 2.5hrs and thats with us still referring to the rulebook. its not very complex either, its about the same as Descent 2nd edition in complexity but maybe just a bit simpler. Descent btw is ■■■■■■■ amazing too, especially with the app on your iOS tablet or android where you’ll have the A.I. play the role of the dungeon master.


Here are some pictures of the WWII/Weird WWII German army I’m working on. The pictures came out a little dark for some reason but you should be able to get some idea, anyway.

These were all painted as of 1/26/19, and I should have 2-4 new things completed by tonight so I can take pictures of them tomorrow and share those too.

Everything so far. My army is being painted based on a real-life “swamp” style camo pattern used by the Germans in WWII.

My Lieutenant (MP40) and his bodyguard (Rifle).

An infantry squad armed with assault rifles. (STG44s)

A sniper and his attendant spotter.

A Panzershreck (anti-tank bazooka) team.

A three-man medium machine gun team. (MG42)


lookin good! the MG nest with the brush as cover is my favorite as well as the sniper. a diorama with them all set up should look really sick.

i found Alien Vs Predator minis, i am really really thinking about buying some to paint up when my other projects are done. i am gonna try to link them when i get home because im firewalled, i dont want to get on my phone either because its a pain to link stuff. they got some awesome models to work on, and the details look really juicy to throw some paint down on them. one of the notable ones is the queen xeno stomping through a hallway, its all part of the model. lot of potential! they even got a 153mm tall king alien, hes massive, makes everyone else look like ants lol


There is also an older tabletop wargame for Starship Troopers, which I had never heard of.

Got less done for this past weekend than I wanted, but I completed a squad of Heavy Infantry and a fire support squad of infantry with two MG42s.


heres a link for the AvP minis/game. i got plenty of supplies, i just need the models and the time to do it. im pretty excited tho, im a big fan of those IPs


Flamethrower team

Jump-pack paratrooper squad

“Puma” armored car with anti-tank cannon and coaxial machine gun


Models completed this week:

Medium mortar team

Locust Panzermech, including use of the mud paint on the feet

And just for fun, a shot of the 800-point army I played in the league on Saturday. Playing fully painted makes the game feel even more fun.


looking sick as always!


More painted stuff from the last couple weeks;

Schreckwulfen unit (genetically modified werewolves)

Anti-Tank Rifle team

Spinne Light Walker

Officer and two guards

Custom built Medic team


Some more progress over the last couple weeks;

251/1 pattern Hanomag halftrack transport

German Officer

LG40/1 light/medium howitzer team - anti infantry

Target Designator team - allows rerolling one missed shot a turn. Mainly to be used to direct anti-armor fire

The Lieutenant of my US minor/demo force

Trying to paint up a little more stuff for this upcoming weekend, with a multi-player mega battle on Saturday. I should be fielding a massive force of about three times the normal size.


played Descent with my friend, we use the android app for the dungeon master role. it all worked out great, too bad we got whooped again at the dice rolls lol. we re-rolled, and got some more group synergy going as a result and started to knock out those quests and side missions. overall a great game! i plan on painting the minis as well, but as always, im still busy on another project. to make things worse, i got a gunpla. the MS Sinanju 1/144 scale gundam real grade. its a beastly mech…and i want to give it a candy paint coat