Blood and FX feedback from a long-time fan

Dear Iron Galaxy,

I’ve been reading this forum for some time but I just decided to take part, probably because of the great feedback and attitude of the developers and to celebrate the Definitive Edition, the interesting Shadow Lords mode and yesterday’s update.

I know that most people aren’t even bothered so that’s why this is a suggestion to kind Iron Galaxy developers. I tried the free version of Killer Instinct and I liked the game so I got a few characters and then the Definitive Edition. It’s not that I’m a newbie, I got Killer Instinct (SNES) and Killer Instinct Gold (N64) back in the day and I played the Killer Instinct 2 arcade a lot when I was a teenager. I remember there was an option in Killer Instinct Gold to change the blood value from OFF to MAX and I humbly request a similar thing (or just a plain OFF/ON option would be good enough) in the new Killer Instinct game. Just as an option, as I find it quite distracting and I would enjoy more the game without it. I love the game though, it’s a breathtaking tribute to the whole franchise and the best entry overall, so congratulations!

A bit feedback about the Definitive Edition, it would be great if sound effects could me removed at least when playing the soundtracks because I like to play them loud and the terrible sound effect during the transition between songs is really annoying and Code Mystics’s app doesn’t have any settings option at all!

Thanks again to Iron Galaxy for developing this AWESOME GAME, to Rare (Ken Lobb) for their contribution and foundation and everybody else for supporting it seventeen years later.

See you around!


Even though I don’t care about the Blood is true you had an option in the old games. But what I find highly distracting in this game are the visual effects when hitting, breaking (not the worst since the effect itself doesn’t hurt my current action like the others) and fighting overall. Some times I get eye stressed and I’m not sure what I’m seeying so I can’t break properly (true, I can’t manage to see the animations with the explosions,rays and lights). I would love an option to tone down the “crazy Marvel effects”.


Both of these options would be useful in reducing eye fatigue and in showing off gameplay. However, it is up to the devs whether being able to reduce hit-sparks and visual effects would affect combo breaking too much for those who do use it.

I don’t think that toning down the Marvel effects would spoil the gameplay as you are suggesting, to be honest, and blood in particular doesn’t affect gameplay or combo breaking at all. Anyway, anyone can combo break by guessing, and I believe most combo breaks made by most players are guesses. The point is that exaggerated effects on screen are distracting some players from the gameplay, so it’s more an annoyance for some players than anything else: would you add visual effects to any other fighting game to make it more challenging? That’s not how you make a fighting game challenging. In SFV, for example, some stages have been banned in the tournaments because of distracting elements in the background, but that game doesn’t have any other visual issue because the effects are subtle and there’s no blood at all. However, I understand that some people like characters sprinkling blood around, so that’s why I don’t think that it should be completely removed, I’m just asking for an option to disable it. This is not a random thought, I have thought a lot about this matter and compared it to what is in other fighting games (like SF) and other Killer Instinct games (like Gold), not to MK since gore is what defines that franchise. Probably, the rest of visual effects in Killer Instinct reboot are a bit too dramatic like MaruMDQ pointed out, but I find the gore the most distracting of them all. In any case, an option to turn it off can’t hurt.