Blocking Is Not Working (BLOCKING MECHANICS)

Is there a new mechanism to blocking in this game? Because I am always on block but somehow I keep getting hit even though I was blocking before my opponent made a move, I am still getting beat to death. I was playing against someone using Orchid, I am blocking low anticipating her ground slide, the player did her ground slide attack and I still got hit even though I was blocking the entire time waiting for him to do that move. Did they update the block system please fill me in because I am constantly being beat to death while I block ahead of time. Sometimes it works the other times it doesn’t. Someone please update me, did they update the blocking mechanics? Is it like you cant block forever you have to release then reblock please anyone. Even when someone knocks me down on wakeup I have my hand on BACK blocking, somehow I am still being hit. I can’t remember blocking being anything other than BACK or DOWN BACK. As long as I can remember this is the way blocking works in SF and KI and any other fighters besides MK. As of late it seems blocking keep failing me half the time. I block 30 sec ahead of time I still am getting hit, usually by someone attacking me from the air, but obviously the blocking is still BACK so why am I being beat to death. Then other times I am blocking my feet and I am beaten to death. Can someone please tell me, did they update the way the blocking Mechanics work? Because I am clearly missing something here. Or is it online delay. But then again how can it be online delay if I am blocking 10 to 15 secs in advance. I am now confused out my mind I don’t know what is going on here. Blocking is the most basic of any fighter. Why is my blocking not working. I can’t remember blocking and being punished. however when I block half the time I still get punish.

It may be something lag related. Freshly after PC release, I was playing with my friend and we noticed that he was getting hit by me even when he was blocking. I thought he just let go of back or something, but we checked and he ACTUALLY was getting hit by my normals, when constantly walking backwards.

I experienced it only once though, it could be some desync or lag related issue. Check if it occurs frequently for you.

Blocking is no different than it was.

It’s possibly a lag related thing, or also possibly your controller dying on you (the Xbox One controllers have a pretty serious problem with the analog stick diagonals not working after a while). You can turn on input display in training room and just move the joystick around in the corners and see what inputs get displayed. Or, when it happens to you in a real match, take a look at the replay with input display on and see what was happening.

It’s lag related. Same thing happens to me every now and then, especially in Ranked. I play other modes and it works fine.

I had it in my head that dropping combos and missing manuals was lagg related, but the “Blocking Disabled” thing just strikes me as particularly odd.

I’m guessing that it means the lagg puts you to a neutral stance, yet I’ve noticed I’ll still be kneeling when I end up getting hit, so I don’t know what to think.

I have noticed that the Not blokcing, dropping combos, missing manuals and mis-inputs has picked up since the 3.1 update and I’m not sure if it’s because of cross-platform play or not, but I’d like some clarification on the matter, if at all possible.

Blocking works fine. Either your equipment is broken, or you are not the blocking prodigy you claimed to be in your other thread about how terrible Shago is. Both things are easy to test.

Lag will not cause you to miss blocks you have been holding, even for less than your exaggerated 15seconds. It may prevent you from blocking cross ups. You may also be hitting buttons which forces you out of block.

Certainly this is not a widespread issue. And frankly not something that needs a 500 word essay on how blocking is fundamental.


Remember some attacks and hit either high, low, or be a cross up and have to be properly blocked accordingly.

It could be hardware related as well. You can go back to your matches and see replays with input data on. I’ve noticed my down back is not coming out consistently whenever I block or do quarter circle motion on the d-pad. I may have to fix it by replacing the d-pad or worst case getting a new controller :pensive:.

My guess would be hardware related. My “down” arrow on my dpad gave up the ghost some time ago. Go into practice, turn on input display, and just kind of roll the dpad around and see what inputs register. If anything doesn’t come out consistently (or rapid-fires even though it’s held down), then you’ve got a controller that’s dying a bit.

IMO there must be some bugs in the PC version of the online. Yes, sometimes Im blocking correctly and I still get hit.

There is also an issue with the breaking system on PC. I will correctly hit the correct breaker strength, say heavy AD which is obvious and slow. But then the game locks me out saying it was a medium and I know for a fact it was not medium but heavy. This doesnt happen all the time but does happen occasionally. I never had the issue on XBONE.

Why would I need to be a blocking prodigy to hold BACK or DOWN BACK. So explain to me why I am blocking 10 secs ahead but still get hit when this guy did ORCHID ground slide attack. Yet I was anticipating this move he hit me like 3 or 4 times with the same move. Need I remind you he is on the opposite side of the screen so I am already aware of what he might do and he did it 3 to 4 times I get caught, now I am being combo’d to death. I guess I am just crazy and I don’t know how to block anymore. Because to block you need to be a mad scientist. Even on wake someone knocks me down on my way up Iam already holding back yet when they jump attack me I get hit and here we go. This fustrates me like wtf I am blocking. In conclusion if someone can attack me while my hand stay on back 24/7. ORCHID ground slide still got me like 3 to 4 times even though I am anticipating this move 10secs or more ahead of time. The player is across the damn screen so please tell me how hard is it to block a basic move. I wasn’t having this issue a few months ago, it seems after the updates I don’t know what they did but now blocking is broken half the time. If you are not in my apartment watching me play you can’t tell me about I am not a blocking prodigy. Forget being a prodigy blocking is the most basic thing in any fighter. Especially games of this type. We all learned how to block from SF and it’s been the same ever since. I wasn’t experiencng this issue a few months back so clearly there is a problem. There might be sme major delay, also I notice the game lags more than ever now. Half the time I am fighting someone after beating them down for a while, the game goes into slow motion lag and now I am getting my butt kicked because the delay and lag is unbearable. All this started happen alot recently I don’t know what is up. My connection is 100mbps so this is clearly not thei ssue.

Yes it is ranked mode. That’s the mode I play ranked.

ORCHID ground slide attack definitely isn’t a cross up. I know when to block low and when to block high it’s basic. Someone attack you from above or the air you block regular BACK. someone kicking or swiping at your feet you block low this is not rocket science. The game have some issues going on.

I’ll humor this.

For Orchids slide, are you blocking low? If you are and still getting hit then I’d love to see a replay of this.


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I find it painful when people who are not in your shoes or experiencing what you are experiencing tries to tell you that it is not the game or lag etc it’s you. Because to block high attacks you need a master’s degree to hold BACK let me go get a master’s degree so I can be smart enough to hold back for 10 secs ahead of time or DOWN BACK 20 secs prior to being attack. Because I am clearly handicap and don’t know how to hold BACK or DOWN BACK on a controller. Please enlighten me because you know more than I do. Even though I played Street Fighter since 1992 and my block game is so good you would be lucky if you can get me most the time but I am just suddenly retarded. KI obviously adopted the same block mechanics from SF so have many other games, so if I can block in SF just fine and I was able too a few months just fine, I guess it’s the game not me. I don’t need blocking lessons no one does it’s the most basic of fighting protect yourself.

I fight with the analog stick

Rollback and or lag. It’s gotten worse than before because IG changed some netcode settings beginning in season 2. DH, the original devs had set a lower ping limit for online matches. Result? Smooth online matches with compatible connections, but, since it was a lower limit, a lot of players on wifi and overseas started complaining about not being able to connect to people or disconnecting mid match.

In season 2, IG decided to raise the ping limit, so now it is not as strict and allows for more latency laxity. The end result? Lots of laggy matches with overseas players, lag tiers, lag tactics that only work online, more lag switchers getting away with lag due to it’s higher ping laxity, etc.

KI is still amazing online compared to other fighters, but it used to be alot better. Alot of the “bugs” being reported on this game are just rollback/lag issues.


My recommendation still stands. Go into practice and roll the stick around and watch the input display. If holding a direction (down or back or down+back) yields rapid fires of that direction on the display, or if you notice that some inputs just don’t seem to come out as they should, then your analog stick may be going.

I’d also recommend honoring Cstyles’ request to post a match where this is happening, with input display turned on. It’s generally a good idea to check input displays when running into control issues of this sort - sometimes it’s just good to see what the game says we’re pressing versus what we think/know we’re pressing.

It’s anecdote to be sure, but I haven’t personally noted any additional lag in S3 relative to S2. Lag or input display lag could result in some of the things you’re talking about here though.

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Are using the XB controller? And if so do you play with the analog stick? If so that could be why, I notice a lot of the times in order to crouch block with the analog you have to be very precise or it well just be regular crouching. It happens to me all the time in KI and SFV.

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on-“topic”, i can always block low. But I use a fightstick.

So perhaps you can only block low accurately using fightsticks OP should switch to one so you can block using the tools of the champions