'Block all' should work for both characters in training mode

It is very hard to test block strings and other stuff when you can’t set your main character to block while recording the dummy.


That’s because you can simply do it yourself. Besides, what’s the point if you can’t do it yourself to begin with? :wink:

I don’t understand your point.

You can’t test how tight block strings are, when you can’t make your main character block. Moves behave completely different on hit or on block.

Because of that it was a pain in the *** to test block strings with Kan-Ra’s shadow spike.

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So you’re trying to get your opponent to do something different on block, but since you can’t record him to do the next move and also block with your character at the same time, that’s your issue, am I correct?

Yes. This is greatly needed. Explanation of why in excruciating detail so everyone understands why this is an issue:

I’m char A

Training dummy is char B

Want to see if I can poke out of char B’s block string.

Record char B to do block string.

Because I’m recording char B, can’t have char A block. So block string comes out with janked (Moves often have different recovery on block than on hit).

Can’t have char A do block string then have char B attempt to poke out, since there’s no option to set opponent to reversal after block


thank you

Yes this feature needs to be added! Right now I’m just getting by by getting down the timing on the block string and then doing the inputs on record regardless of what it happening on screen. It works most of the time but it is very annoying and often requires me to do several records before I get frame perfect timing.


I’d like to give this thread a bump so @developers may read it.

The training mode is just horrible.

Random block is buggy
It’s impossible to test block strings
It’s annoying to test Instinct cancels
Select+Start should reset everything
No online


I completely agree. I’d actually like a reversal system so I can know what to expect from certain moves.


Training mode could definitely use some improvements, yes.

Even not counting online training (which is important, but very time consuming), simply fixing some of the training mode bugs/improving the usability of its features would go a long way.

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Bump. @developers

I’d also like it to be easier to test if something is an overhead. The only way I found to test this is to make the dummy hold down-back, and set block to low only or no block at all which is counter-intuitive.

Setting the dummy to crouch and block all, will make the dummy stand up for any attacks that aren’t low, even ones it would have blocked if it remained crouching.

There are also lots of other options I’d like to see in practice, like recording wake up and block recovery actions. Very hard to create safe jumps without the former, very hard to create good frame traps without the latter.