Blind lobbies?

Anyone want to do some blindfolded lobbies. I will make one tommorrow at 12 noon central time. I will trust everyone who joins to also be blindfolded(or not looking). I can make this a weekly thing every sunday and maybe stream it? It will probably depend on how well this one goes. Message me if you are interested. Gt=Sasuke 99I
(Capital i not a 1 btw)

You’re serious?..

Yeah why? I am already working on when to do a journey to Killer Rank on a new account blindfolded. Of course I am serious.

Oh okay, I’ll join blind lobbies. But I feel like it’s impossible for us

It is only if your interested. If you do not want to,you do not have to join. Just pick Jago and use wind kick all day. Jk. It does seem impossible but it is easier than you think. I can do some matches blindfolded against you while you play normally to show it. It is a bit hard to break though. I can allow looking while spectating though. You can look during a character is down and next round is about to start.

How I know when match over? I’m deaf…

Oh your deaf…you don’t have to join.