Blazblue Chronophantasma extend

Since KI re-ignited my passion for fighting games (only been playing the occasional sf4 and mortal kombat 9/X the last few years). I was wondering if this Blazblue title is worth it. I’m done with MK X, played some dead or alive 5, but got scared away by all the DLC (if I buy a game, I want the whole package) and thought the demo was just ok (feel like DOA 4 was better too, could be wrong though).

I however have never played a blazblue game, and cant quite make up my mind what to think of it and since there is no demo, its a big gamble for a 69,95 euro game.

There’s a new game coming that’s called Blazblue: Central Fiction. Unless you really want to play Blazblue now, I would recommend waiting for Central Fiction to be released.

That said, Blazblue is a good game and Chrono Phantasma is no different. A good collection of different characters, solid gameplay and is overall very fun.

Personally, I prefer Guilty Gear more though. However, there’s a new GGXrd coming soon with more characters, so again, I’d recommend waiting for that.

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Not familiar with guilty gear either, will it come out on xbox?

Sadly no.
Guilty Gear is the original fighting game franchise from Arc System Works, the same people who made Blazblue. Blazblue is kinda an in-house clone of Guilty Gear, but with a new story, new characters and in a new world, but the two franchises are incredibly similar.

I would really like to try a new fighting series so this Blazblue or the new one coming out.

What makes it unique?

Ki has the combo system/monster tropes/breakers/gritty style.

MK has gore/high budget storymode

SF has the classic characters etc…

What makes Blazblue tic…

BlazBlue is a well animated Sprite based fighter that has a variety of complex fighting mechanics. It has fewer buttons (four face buttons) but a lot of characters have special moves with variants and poses and in general it’s pretty complicated. It is very much in the “anime fighter” mold that Arc System Works pioneered with Guilty Gear. I own it and have had fun playing it. It’s not my favorite style but if you are a FG fan looking for something new to play it’s definitely a quality game with lots of depth. Beware the story mode unless you like endless cutscenes filled with badly translated nonsensical Japanese melodrama - where characters say the same thing, slowly, four or five times in a row.

The only thing it really has in common with KI is that it is faster paced and characters have pretty wild and high utility special moves.

I have it, it’s a good game! Sadly, none of my XBL friends play it…

Thanks for the info guys, does sound interesting. Going to keep an eye on it then, hoping for a price drop. I think 69,95 is a bit to pricey for a gamble.

I got blazblue CE in January for 19.99 on psn

I love it!

I had GG on PS2 but

I’m waiting on the new GG revelator for June

I also recommend persona 4 Ultimax

I’ve been considering getting this game, is it worth picking up for a casual fighting gamer?

I don’t much play online but I’m wondering if there is enough to keep me entertained in game modes and whatnot.

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There is. It would be worth your time for offline stuff.

Thats what i’m doing Waiting on Blazblue: Central Fiction. It has been a while since i payed that game.

Just be warned, ENG voice acting was canned in favor of getting the game out sooner.

I’m not bothered about that. It might come as a future update.

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That’s slightly disappointing but that’s how Yakuza is so I’m not too surprised. I also watch a lot of anime. Are subtitles accurate though?

From what I’ve heard/seen (I rarely play using JPN voices) regarding the franchise it’s not so great with direct translation. It’ll most likely be mucked up to some degree to fit the ENG side of the story for the newest release too.

Thanks for bringing this thread back up @oTigerSpirit.
Made me look again and see its only 24,95 now instead of 69,95 when I created this thread half a year ago.

Bought it just now, if you wind up buying I wouldnt mind a game or 2 :sunglasses:

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Lol I’d lose for sure, but I will pick it up when I get the chance.

You will LOVE BlazBlue.

The English versions of such product usually falls on the cheesy register for me-

I always love the Japanese versions it just adds an element of authenticity for me.

That’s why I love to hear Kim Wu’s rare foreign exclamations and Sadira would not be the same if she’s saying in some Nancy Grace voice ‘Welcome to Mah Web’

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