Black Desert? Anyone?

Has anyone played Black Desert? Or know much about it? It looks cool and I know its a MMPO or whatever but its free on game pass so I figured Id give it an install and see what its about.

The combat looks cool and the new character archetypes look really cool! Especially the Dark Knight that is female… nice!

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I haven’t played it, although I agree it looks interesting. It got a lot of attention when it first came out because of the highly customizable and good looking character generator. Sadly, I just don’t have the kind of time to devote to something like that. I might check it out but I doubt I will be able to get very far.

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i had a sorceress, very gorgeous game and its fun too. but holy hell those koreans love to grind man, its hardcore

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Funny, it caught my attention too today.

However, I just discovered Korean mobile games so I am good :laughing: yeah the grind is real…

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Yeah I agree…I defitiely do not have time to truly play it, but I do want to atleast give it a try and see if I like how it plays.
@R1stormrider I think I want to make a cool character too and maybe play just a bit beyond that. Does it have quests and such like Witcher?

yeah theres quests but nowhere close to good like witcher 3. its all go to point A, kill 10 of those. then you got fetch quests, travel quests, basic MMORPG fare. you gonna grind XP i think at some point in the game. theres a ton of ■■■■ to do, and the games systems are deep in regards to trade routes and crafting. you can also buy land for a house but goodluck with that lol. all the plots are prolly taken


I’ve been interested in playing it, but there was some pay-to-win controversy about it sometime last year that scared me off. Something about the the premium store selling non-cosmetic gear. Not sure what happened with it.

I tried it…made a character and walked around for a minute…ehhh… its not for me. You have to pick a specific server and all kind of weird PC mmo stuff. no thanks

I was surprised you even tried it. Didn’t look like your kind of game at all :joy:

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yup its an MMORPG lol. its best played with friends or a guild, thats when things get fun as hell. but like i said, its a super grindy game.

I know right? It just looks cool in the trailers and such but once you get into starting it …its just way too much stuff going on… LIke if you play that game, you have to play that game exclusivley! There is no playing that for 30 mins and moving on to somehting else. Thats like gotta be your life kind of game,

Right. And who’s got time for that when there’s 1500+ character skins to unlock at MK11, lol.

you think this game was bad, tera was pretty horrible of a grind too. you would upgrade your weapons. lets say @BigBadAndy gets a great sword of noobslaying totality ■■■■■■■ from a dungeon. it took him 6 weeks worth of runs to finally get because its drop rate is miniscule plus his schedule to play is minimal. ok, now its on to the Tera’s upgrade system. you spend money at first, and a negligible amount, to start giving it added stats including to its damage range. so you go from noobslayer +1 all the way up to mastercraft +12. once you get up to +6 (if i remember correctly) the EZ mode upgrading is over. from +7 and up, you have a chance to go to +8…or back down to +6. it will eat your gold and your materials. gotta go farm again!

now its gonna cost big bucks as well as materials to get to +7 and beyond. so andy is like ■■■■ it i want that +12! i want to go gank the living hell out of kids, get some infamy, get a reputation for being a killer. well, hes gonna need that +12 because its mandatory to do such things, there are guys out there with his line of thinking who are also in the arms race to get the biggest ■■■■■■■ sword to chop apart some fools. not to mention you have college bums already swinging that +12 sword absolutely demolishing everyone because korean MMOs gear > everything. they dont work, just play games and ■■■■ all day in their dorm, nevermind studying.

so that means hes gonna go farm up the ■■■■ at dungeons, and in the open world. sometimes, players will take issue with andy coming in farming their monsters so he will be fighting people along the way winning some, losing some. sometimes, they’ll bring in more boys to deal with andy, since hes in a guild calls his own boys to come in too! so then your evening of farming just turned into a gang war over turf (my favorite part honestly). everyone is upset, everyone is drunk on voice chat at 2am, and hes got work at 5am the next morning but ■■■■ it hes got that hangover beer ready.

andy gets to +11 after many many months of climbing the ladder, leaving a mountain of corpses (and beer bottles) along the way. hes about to get to +12! the fated day has come! the 2 months he just took to get the materials and money due to time constraints, family life, etc etc didnt let him grind it out for the weeks straight. the upgrade fails. so in 1 mouse click he goes from +11 back down to +10. so now, he wont expect to have a mastercrafted +12 weapon until Q1 2020 at this rate because hes got business trips galore and all kinds of BS.

but wait there’s more! Tera’s gear climb is nightmarish, and they’re about to release an expansion thus rendering his weapon obsolete. he needs to go get the LATEST sword now. the noobslayer? pffftt that ■■■■ is a butter knife. now you need the great sword of assault and battery of mega totality of grudge ■■■■■■■■ not only that, but his entire kit of armor is now obsolete so he needs to go get that ■■■■ too and modify it all over again. so forget Q1 2020, its more like Q4 2020…with a new expansion coming in Q4. so this happens to his PC:

@FallofSeraphs76 just play mortal kombat and be merry. LOL


Thanks for making me part of your epic story, lol.


Ive heard about this gear/ upgrade system. SOmeone spent like 1000$ on a sword only for it to get deleted or some ■■■■… mightbe anothe game but they had to restore thier item…the devs did.

THats the type of game for super hard core tweakers lol

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I think the story about Andy is actually a story about @R1stormrider :joy:

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@BigBadAndy i hope my story gave you amusement and a laugh lol

@BoJima404 i will neither confirm nor deny that sir lmao

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Hey, I looked up the classes but it’s hard for me to tell. Which female class has fire powers? lol

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im not sure, i dont remember. the character i had was a blend of magical attacks with melee. she was shadow based it seems

I checked again. It seems fire is restricted to men only. Looks like I’d either either have to go with a male or be ok with water