Bios in Season 1 story mode style

I thought I decided to do this after seeing the new Characters section of this website.

Season 2 (Omen included)

And for fun, I decided to make one also for the guest characters. Haven’t made one for Kim Wu and Tusk, since we know a little of their backstory for the moment…

Hope you like it folks!


Awesome! But why Hisako is 19? I mean she like 100 or 200 old years…

That was her age before she died.

Yeeeeeeesssss I wanted this for awhile now.

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Sweet, I had no idea Aganos was older than Kan-Ra! :smiley:

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But Spinal still had age, when he was dead…

Well…not that it’s going to matter cause IG reckoned DH’s Spinal age. Besides the OP didn’t included her actual age.

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Hey there folks, thanks for the likes! Because of this, I decided to do Shadow Jago also…

…and I made joke ones too for fun.

Hope you like it and FIGHT ON! :wink: