BIG PROBLEM! My player level got reset, characters levels, unlocks and online record

So basically i booted up KI to play with my friend yesterday, but what i see is that my previous maxed out level 50 player level is back to 1, i have lost all my profile card unlocks and all my characters are back to level 1 even my maxed out jago and spinal and obviously because of that all my character colours are locked again and accessories are gone. Even my online records have gone its like the game factory reset it looks as if i just got it and ive had it for over a year. All my achievments still exist so im really confused and frustrated as to how this happened PLEASE HELP KI!!

If you started on the Xbox One, then went to PC, then it looks like there was a data syncing error.

Start the game on your Xbox, see if your stuff is there, then start the game on PC.

If you are on PC ONLY, then it is possible that your PC failed to Sync, or you accidentally skipped the Syncing step.

Try re-starting and letting the game sync.

If there is no Syncing process, then there is a problem with your game, if the IS a syncing process, but the syncing fails, (or is “successful”, but your data still doesnt show up,) then it may be an issue with your save data, and you will need to get further help.

Run these tests, then post the results of them, then move this topic into the “Game Suggestions and feedback” category, where someone better than me will be able to help you.

Yhh i only play it on my xbox and it showed me that the game “synced” but everything was still all gone. So yh i just changed the discussion subject like you said and thanks for the reply man.

No problem.

If you are on Xbox One, and you are sure that you are playing on the SAME profile you used to download the content, then you have a bigger issue than i can help with. Some people have reported things similar to this, and the issue has fixed itself in a few hours. So keep checking while you wait for help.

Yh hopefully man, i saw that alot of other people encountered this problem but not recently so im really hoping i can get it sorted i just dont know how it happened man. All my season 3 hype is gone man and i was just about to buy the pack lmao



Halp? What does that mean

@rukizzel any help man or does anyone at all have any help i dont wanna give up on this lmao