BGM Selection :3

I doubt this will be Implemented But It would be nice if we could select the music when we pick a stage. Like orchid’s theme on aganos’ stage. Or like in Soul Calibur (5)

Although I’m not sure about the ultra combo sounds :confused: That could be hard.

Just some little detail that could Be fun for filmmakers (like myself) :wink:

You have a good point. The main reason that they didn’t bring back the retro KI stage music is because it wasn’t dynamic. But if you have the ability to switch the current stage music while maintaining the dynamic structure of it, it shouldn’t matter what stage you’re playing on. That would be hella awesome. I miss the customization that the SC series offered. It’s crazy how reminiscent Kim is of Maxi. It’s like watching a female version of him when she’s fighting. I love how IG pulled it off on a 2D plane.

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The only problem is the ultra’s but I hope they consider this request :wink:

we should be able to play custom music from pendrive.

Well, all Ultras work on everyone’s stages, I don’t see how they would be a problem. But what do I know.

I dunno; I tink it would be odd to hear, say Spinal’s music for example, on Thunder’s stage (or any other stage for that matter). Hearing a heavy rock anthem and the word “SPINAL!” just wouldn’t seem to fit in some stages that are supposed to be kind of smooth and relaxing. The music fits with the theme of the stages, especially when you do the ultras - it’s simply weird otherwise, and that is why I really don’t think they’ll do it. The stage music is part of the character’s stage, which in turn, is part of the character that it represents. So, IMO, no I do not want them to do this (even though I am generally in favor of more options, this is an exception based upon the design decisions the devs made for this game).

Honestly It would make thing’s easier For me as someone who films a certain character then has to turn of the game audio and put the song in during editing… But that’s me just being lazy :confused: (better then having to choose stage selection every time you want to play with certain a song)

But I do see where you’re coming from. It doesn’t bother me as much but yeah. I gotcha.

I feel like there would be a lot of bugs. But Like you said: What do I know about game developing :confused:

Lol great, we are ideal candidates for this discussion!

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[quote=“DoobyDude23, post:9, topic:4714, full:true”]
Lol great, we are ideal candidates for this discussion
[/quote]I feel Like a HUGE timezone difference is happening but In any case

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Well… Since we are only getting three stages… I Have no doubt in my mind this BGM selector is gonna happen now lol.


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And I was right ALL ALONG!