Best TVs for HDR 10 - 4K@60hz UHD gaming & Input Lag (Xbox1X)

I’ve found that it is really difficult to find the best TV available for all these new Consoles- Xbox one S, PS4 Pro, and now Xbox One X…plus all the different options of 4K, UHD, HDR, HDR 10, 4K @ 60hz, and 4K @ 30hz, ect, ect ect…
Its enough to make your head pop for sure if you are not a TV expert.

Well, I’ve found a site that breaks it down and list damn near every detail you need to know…most importantly GAME LAG. They TEST every detail and rate each TV by several different filters. (Best for gaming, Best for 4K, Best for HDR, Best for Budget, Best for Movies)

Of course we all want the best compatible TV that can handle TRUE 4K and HDR 10 with the lowest Gaming Lag input available.

Vizio P series seems to be the best right now for the price that covers the BIG 3 = 4K @ 60hz, HDR 10 and lowest input lag @ 16.3 ms at 4K 60hz and jumps up to 43ms on 4K HDR10 (Which is still great!)

If you are looking to upgrade to the Xbox One X you will need a TV that can cover EVERYTHING…don’t make the mistake and get one that says 4K and doesn’t have HDR (Like I did!..I wish someone would have shared this site with me 7 months ago ;(

Check out the link and look around the site for all its different options you can filter it down too. Good Luck!!!

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Please share this with anyone you know that is looking to make the jump to 4K gaming. Id hate for anyone to make the same mistakes I did.
I ended up with the best for Input game lag at 13.4 ms, 4K @60hz, but no HDR 10, HDR4.44.
Unfortunately that’s what I wanted, the full spectrum, the kit’n kaboodle. I just wasn’t educated enough at the time and went off of Maxamillian’s word that it was the best TV for 4K. Its still great for 500$ and does HDR really make a difference? I don’t know…but Id like to have been able to see for my self.

Maybe I will get a Vizio P series this Christmas once the price drops.


I’m kind of out of the loop.

What does 4k do again?

Mostly 4x the pixel count of 1080…meaning finer detail on pictures. Also HDR or High Dynamic Range as far as I can tell means it has fancy contrasting ability.

Personally I’m looking to upgrade probably early next year, but one thing that’s one of those features I’m still interested in is 3D support, as I’ve been making it a point to get the 3D Blu-ray version of movies that are made that way, so I still use it.

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Ah ok.

I might not be able to get a new tv anytime soon though.

Well, to be fair to Max input lag is really important to him.

I’m honestly not sure HDR is really all that great.

I’m honestly looking forward to the day that input lag is so non-existent that I can play light gun games like Duck Hunt on a modern TV.
…I know, not the most sought-after reason for input lag going away, but still…it’d be nice. :relaxed:

Thanks for the info. I am sure like most things, the more you spend the better and more features it will have.

Now for me, while imput lag is important, so are some of the other features. My TV is used for everything and not just video games. I will need to focus somewhere in the middle.

I am just sort of suprise that I have not heard the excuse “The only reason you won was because my TV doesn’t refresh fast enough”.

While this 4k seems great, it is only half of the game experience for me. I love great sound just as much. I mean what is the point of a 4k tv when you are using $25 headphones for the sound.

I will consult this guide again when I start looking. Thanks again. :slight_smile:


Oh yeah Im not blaming him or anything, Input lag is important to me also and thats why I bought the Tv, but I didnt know about HDr and honestly thought its was part of the 4K package. I didnt know it was a separate portion until after I got the tv home and seen it wasnt available to turn on in the Xbox S and PSpro

I am sorry if my question is super dumb. But can I get Xbox One X without tv 4K? My friend told me that I can’t use Xbox One X without tv 4K.

Your friend is an idiot. Yes, the Xbox one x will work on any TV. It will only display in 4k on a 4K tv, but it will still work on Amy tv. In addition it may offer some improved graphics, including by rendering the image at 4k and then downscaling it to your tv. It will also add some post processing graphics effects and certainly faster load times.


Unfortunately Light gun games don’t work on LCD, only on CRT. They used interlaced lines to trace where you’re aiming.
Since this technology is redundant we will never see light gun games again. The only alternatives are controllers like the wiimote.

Ah thank you for answer my question.

You will get all the benefits of the new Xbox except the 4k, but they did say that they will still look real good on a 1080p tv.

Or in other words, some things might not work like light pens that do actually scan for pixels, but the NES Zapper only needs low enough input lag that the signal sent to the screen and the light gun’s sensor sync up properly.

Yes you can still use it on a 1080P HD TV. The XBox one X has “Super Sampling” built in for those that dont have 4K TVs… but honestly you can get a 4K TV fro less than 500$ at walmart. SO you should have one by this time next year easily.
But no need to get the X for 500$ when your regular Xbox can do the same thing. You would be better off spending that money on a new 4K tv and then trading in your current xbox and some games for a discounted price on an Xbox X when Game stop offers a great deal.
Thats what I would do anyway

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assuming your TV is 1080p (as is the majority of gamers now) then your x1-x will run it at 1080p :slight_smile:

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Good lookin’ out, hoss!

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