Best track for each stage

The ability to choose a theme in S3 is wonderful, and can completely change the “feel and mood” of every stage.

For example, Kim Wu’s theme in Jago’s stage works remarkably well, and in my opinion it’s more in tune with her design and style than her own stage. It feels like an updated version of her original KI2 stage.

Similarly, Arbiter’s theme in Aria’s stage feels like “This is it! The final battle!”

How about you guys? Which theme works/fits/sounds/feels better for you in a different stage?

The ones that were tailored for the stages, so default for me.

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While that is fair, which stage would you use for Rash’s theme since there isn’t a stage tailored for it? Surely there has to be one you feel fits best.

This will also be a thing for Mira, Gargos, the one that can’t be named and the final character once their themes are released.

I tend to think Default is best for most stages.
Low key though, Rash’s theme goes with everything lol. Particularly with stage ultras it sounds pretty great.
Arbiter’s theme actually fits pretty well with Tiger’s lair, I think.
Fulgore and Cinder cam go back and forth pretty well with themes/stages.

But seriously. Rash’s theme + The Pinnacle= :heart_exclamation:

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