Best s3 counter for rushdowns

Im a spinal main, by no means a pro but i can handle myself nicely against most of the cast except riptor, wulf and good tjs. I want to have a back up character for those cases and i really want to use tusk, rash or kim wu, but only the one who covers the best my spinal’s weaknesses

Don’t bury Spinal just yet! Skeleporting, well-timed skull projectiles, and a sprinkle of unpredictability are just a few examples of ways you can interrupt Sabrewulf and Riptor. (And that’s coming from a guy who mains both!)

Stick with the bonehead for a little while longer, and experiment with some of his tech- There’s plenty of great tools in his pirate chest to help fend off the rushdown. Good luck! :smile:


Im not giving up on my beloved main, i just wanna use the chars i paid 40 dollars for lol, but only the one who complements my main the best