Best official HERO ARTS and INSTINCT ARTS cutted By RDM


exact. We have to rename them in .PNG :wink:


here is a blue version of Cinder


Sick! :grinning:


That’s awesome bro! I love it.

…Do you think I can get you to do some logo work for my clan? We have a vector cut out, but it could use some style.


Also I’d really like to get access to those instinct mode images


Sweet! Wicked! Awesome! :smiley: :grinning:


This topic is going to be updated. you will find hero arts and… INSTINCT ARTS!


Yesss thank you so much!

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Instinct arts are now all available.


these are all so good! thank you so much! i will credit you when i use these.

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Ciao Ravan, are you planning to publish shadow lords portraits too?


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This is the one used for my banner on twitter which is @mitchiscinder

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Omen Instinct reworked

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Omg… finally! Since day 1 I’ve wanted something like this and I don’t have time to do it myself. Thank You! For some reason, I’m just now finding these. Sabrewulf is sick. No cutoff fur or anything. Kudos

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I put a lot of care in trimming the fur and hair of all the characters, especially in particle effects, and elemental (Cinder)

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Uh am I the only one seeing Sabrewulfs instinct image as a lady posing between 2 cars? Lol


Awesome Work hard to find good cuts like this also the editing to add instinct versions is really good keep up the good work and thanks

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Eagle instinct ON added!

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