Best HD 4K TV for Killer Instinct (Fighting games in general)

The best 4K TV for Fighting games is the Vizio Du1 -50. It has the lowest input lag out of any TV on the market…but it doesnt have HDR. Only 499$ as of last January. The price probably has dropped 50-99$.
Its the TV Max uses and its the TV I have.
If you want CHEAP and BEST for Gaming… that’s your TV. The 40 inch has the same specs for 100$ less.

The main thing is that I don’t have a lot of space. Currently, I have a 32 inch 1080p tv and let me post an image of how much space I have.

Not a lot. I estimate that 32-40 inch is where I can afford to have. I’ll probably get the Vizio TV then

Yes the Vizio 40 inch DU1 series is perfect for you. lowest input delay of all TVs…4K UHD… 250$-$300. Plus it has all the apps built in like youtube, netflix, ect…incase you dont want to fire up the xbox.