Best choice for Arbiter's Stage Theme

This is my first topic so I’ll keep it as simple as possible, Leonidas Returns from Halo 2/3, BEST HALO SONG EVER, its just so good and personally it gets me pumped up everytime I listen to it, and IMO playing KI with this particular song in the background would simply be epic as ****

What do u guys think?? Feel free to upvote or suggest ur ideas please

For those who are unfamiliar with the song or want to rediscover it:

That may be your favorite, but personally I feel the Halo 2 Mjolnir Mix is more recognizable.

It also has that nice low and high note contrast that makes The Instinct sound so great.

I wouldn’t mind a version of this. Only downside is that this song was overused to death for montage videos.

This was almost as bad as the Bodies by Drowning Pool craze. Both of these songs were all over YouTube.