Best and Worst Characters to Use in Shadow Lords

Even though it’s gone now, I think the whole “refilling a life bar if you didn’t lose it” thing would be a great unique perk for ARIA to have, similar to Tusk and Mira. Just give her an artifact that says “ARIA always regenerates Between 33-100% health depending on how many bodies she had at the end of her last fight”, or at the very least “at the end of the day”. It’d take up an equipment slot, but that’d be really useful to have.

On topic: I’ve got a few favorites that I stick with for hard situations.

-Jago. Medium Kick>M.Windkick gets them almost every time, even with some Godlike foes. Plus having a DP and Health/Shadow/Instinct generating capabilities makes him an excellent choice.

-Sabrewulf. Good long ranged footsies (and the fact that the AI won’t punish his run follow-ups) make him incredibly dangerous. His damage helps too. Give him some anti-lockout tools and it doesn’t end well for the mimics. His magicks help with closing portals, and his gambling addiction is basically an instant win for the Ghost Ship mission.

-Fulgore. Medium and light laser pressure is killer against the AI, and having Shadow Generating items + Ceremonial Daggers = Near Infinite Hype Beams and a very free Gargos. He’s also uniquely qualified for hacking missions, and gets plenty of support from Ultratech in the field.

-Riptor is the Anti-Armor queen. Her ground flame attacks make for easily bypassing it, and her multi-hit jump HP and flame carpet strip it away. And he’s one of the characters who can easily open a tank chest without buffs.

-Omen. Demonic despair is a great Boss Cheesing tool, with the right luck. That, and the AI just can’t stop his pressure. Between rashakukens, flurry kicks, and slide, the AI has a hard time keeping up. Plus, he gets some nice Dark Side perks, and can stealth his way into joining the Cult of Gargos.

-Mira. Oh my god she is terrifying. All of the issues you may face when fighting competent human opponents are out the window. He has all the tools you could ever want! Mondo damage, bats to cover her approach, all sorts of mobility, AND a unique power that makes her bats drain instinct in SL? DUDE!

-Tusk is going on here almost solely because of his Immortality. He cannot die, which means he’s a good character to mitigate risks and save you money. Plus, having his huge damage and tremendous anti air hitboxes is really good against Gargos, especially with his recent buffs.

-When we get the hang of him, I have a good feeling about Kilgore. He can stop projectiles and strip armor with his chainguns, which are both really useful. He can’t seem to hack like his brother (even though his entire plotline is about how Kilgore is reprogramming Fulgores and even nuclear plants. ) but he still gets UT support. Once we figure him out, it could be pretty damn helpful.