Best 3rd party controller for KI?

So, I’ve been thinking about getting a 3rd party controller after wearing the D-pad out on 3 of my Xbox One controllers playing KI so far. Does anyone have any good recommendations on a controller with a more sturdy D-pad?

The MKX controller is good, IMO .

Arcade stick or a hori fighting commander 4 with a brooks ps4 to xbox one converter

Thanks for the response but you didn’t quite read my OP. I’m looking for a regular controller with a more sturdy D-pad. I don’t use stick.

MKX controller. Has a good D pad.

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Thanks for the suggestion

The MKX pad is awful, buy anything except that. Just check out the reviews on amazon… Mine is in there since I pre ordered it.

Dont buy the mkx pad. Its the worst fightpad in history!

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I’ve heard the Rock Candy controller is pretty solid.

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I had 1 it good, but it is wired. The face buttons could be better as they feel like they’ll get stuck.

I had 1 and yeah its not that good. The buttons are to clicky and the dpad sucks.

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Only option is another controller and a brooks converter

Or you could learn stick :wink:

Order some Dpads off of Ebay and replace the worn out ones. That’s what I did…it’s not hard to do. And then they should be good for a few more months. Plus, replacing the Dpad is a far cheaper option than getting another controller…you can usually get several for under $10…enough to fix all of your worn-out Dpads.

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SF 15th anniversary Pad + PS2 to Xbox One converter (thats what i use for 6 Months now)

Or if you have the money - Sega Saturn PS2 or USB version + converter

All other Options are pretty meh

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