Best $30 bucks you can spend - No more WiFi lag or long ethernet cables for stable online gaming!

Use a powerline adapter. I’m sure many of you already know about this technology and perhaps use it. If you don’t know, powerlines are adapters that connect directly to your home’s electrical circuitry and uses this circuitry like an extended ethernet cable. Powerline does depend on your house/apartments wiring so the chances of it working properly for you are better if you are in a newer house/apt as opposed to an older one. However, they all work the same and are really simple to setup.

A - install powerline adapter directly into plug in wall. (They don’t work properly if they’re not connected to the main lines of the house. In other words, don’t plug these into a surge protector.)

(Make sure you buy a powerline adapter that has a “pass-through” socket aka a plug receptacle so you can use the wall plug and plug in a surge protector or whatever you used beforehand.)

B. plug an ethernet cable (they typically include two) from the powerline adapter to the modem or router.

C. plug the other powerline adapter into a wall outlet that’s near the device needing lag-free internet gaming.

D. plug the other ethernet cable from that powerline adapter to your computer.

(E. if you have other devices you want to use powerline with, just buy more adapters and they’ll also have the stable internet, as long as you have one powerline connected to the modem/router.)

Enjoy near ethernet speeds (depending on your ISP’s connection and the powerline’s bandwith) and most importantly, be able to play online with drastically improved stability aka no more wifi lag (at least on your part) and you don’t need a 50 or 100 ft ethernet cable anymore. You’ll be able to play online tournaments and point the finger at someone else with 100% confidence!*

*nothing is 100% - this is a joke lol. But you will truly be able to play online tournaments without fear of disconnects on your end. That is true!

Out of my research. This is the best bang for buck for a powerline ethernet adapter - It’s currently $27.99 and has pass-through outlets (so that you still use the plugs for other things) on both powerline adapters.

Try it out and enjoy! It’s imo the best $30 bucks you can spend for stable online gaming!

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I’ve tried these and they’re crude. My microwave of all things would interfere with it. Had my whole house hardwired for a cool $300 instead.

$300! Dang! … Well I guess I should edit the post and add the caveat that the possibility of powerline working for you does depend on your house/apartments wiring.

That was the total price. We had multiple rooms hard-wired (5), and we were charged per room, so the price is actually cheaper than you might think.

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