Best 2 of 3 ranked league

My problem is this. The best 2 of 3 in ranked league for any adversary greater than or equal to your rank. I’m a low level gold and at this point I’m doing best 2 of 3 almost every time. In the insanely hard matches like me vs a 10 star killer teir (which is a BS match up I can’t possibly win) all it serves to do is let me preview in the first round how bad I’m gunna get stomped, then suffer another humiliating blow the next round. I don’t have alot of free time anymore and can’t make back up the latter to where I once was, because I keep getting paired with someone I can’t possibly beat. How bout we save the best 2 of 3 battle for the promotion fight that I can understand. But now I can’t make any progress at all and I makes me want to quit playing.

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The biggest draw to me of a best of 2 standard is that you get to analyze more. I get the frustration, but why would you essentially want to limit yourself to just one 99 second match?


One of the things in the “recent” survey was the state of the ranking system, and how bad it really is.

The 2 out of 3 matches is fine, but you should be matched with people around your level.

My biggest complaint is that the levels are too general and the fact that people can requalify make it even more broken.


Because as I’ve mentioned I don’t have alot of free time. I want to just get in, play, and go.

This I can agree with. I should be fighting my gold guys, start fighting killers towards the top of gold teir. But me fighting a 10 star killer teir? Absolutely not.


So Exhibition’s speed and general formatting with the ranked points system?

I’ve got no beef with exhibition for two reasons
1 it has no effect on your position in ranked league you just get XP
2 I don’t go there very often unless it’s by invite.

My problem is with ranked league. I hate the best of 3 mechanic, I think it’s better suited for the promotion fights, and that too often I get paired with someone I couldn’t possibly beat so the best of 3 is just a showcase of embarrassing blowouts, is demoralizing, and keeps me from making any kind of progress.

Part of me has these things I’d put against your stance…

That ranked helps you evolve as a player.
That “knowing” you cant beat someone is a crux.
That (most) everyone around you is looking to improve too.

Thing is, it probably hardly matters. For an example, you, specifically, get paired against a multi-star player and call bullshit on the matchmaking systems. Say me? Id relish an opportunity to fight someone strong and see where i measure, win, lose or rofl-stomping. Im not you, you’re not me. I think 2 out of 3 is nice, you hate it.

Lets skip all the programming crud as well. I wont even pretend to have an idea how the matchmaking works in KI. What i will say is i dont particularity mind the matchmaking. Is that based off where i feel my skill level is? Maybe. Could it be better tweaked to match closer to skill? Hell if i know. Should it? Who knows…

So i say all that to basically say i see your arguement, feel your arguement, but just don’t get it.

But if you couldn’t requalify, how would you be expected to get all those ranked achievements? I’d suggest they remove the ranked achievements (specifically the battle-worn ones) and then they could remove requalification should they wish.