Benchmark not accurate?

I have 2 setups that I’ve built, and I have KI on both of them.

When I ran the benchmark on my first setup I got a score of 1422/1000, everything on max.
Setup 1:
MB: ASUS P9 x79pro
CPU: i7-3930k OC 4.3GHz
SSD: 512GB

Now, after I built another system, I got a score of 1023/1000, in this case it doesn’t matter what settings I use it stays around the same score
Setup 2:
CPU: i7-5820k OC 4.6GHz
RAM:16GB (OC 2667MHz)
SSD: 128 GB

Why is my second system so close to a fail?
On paper it should be superior in almost every way, I have my CPU running at 60C max at full load and the GPU is around the same temp, so i know thermal throttle is not my issue.

Any ideas?

Unless the 2 systems are identical in every way you can’t hold one on the other. My guess is your wondering why your 1080 GTX could be better.
Research, benchmark repeat.

Im not sure what you mean by “wondering why my GTX1080 could be better”

im asking why, with the entire system being better than the other, can i not get a higher score, I have tried researching what i could and find no answer, ive even disabled vsynv on the system and the game, brought the settins as low as they go and i still get the same result

maybe the drivers need a tweak, a bottle neck somewhere.
My radeon card was running really good, then bad, now good

Is this with all games? or just KI? if its just KI then who knows.
If its all games then something is not right.

try CPUZ and GPUZ and compare the results.

this appears to be only KI

I ran the bench on GTA V was around what i expect with high fps and had no issues at all, uncapped i can get as high as 120 FPS, average 100 FPS, CPU running around 45-55% and GPU running at +98%

On killer instict however i cant see the FPS but when i look at my CPU its only at 12-14% and my GPU is only running at 36%, the game isn’t even trying to use the resources available apparently

as for cmparing gpuz w cpuz im not sure what i’m comparing

Keep your drivers updated, eventually the vendor will, if the game is in demand, tweak it to you game.

If it’s running good at maxed then that’s all that matters.

Don’t worry if your 1080 needs to it will step up.
Benchmarks aren’t everything.