Being completely honest (S3 launch)

Pretty sure whenever anyone sees a post from me that expect it to be something the lines of much I hate the direction of KI and something related to IG thrown in there too etc Honestly though I wanted to give my first impressions and thoughts on the launch of S3.


Kim Wu: Really intensely dislike her bratty teen with a chip on her shoulder attitude, her gameplay is pretty nice though. Stage is nicer when seeing it in the flesh so to speak and her theme is not that bad when you hear it a few times.

Tusk: I was never really a fan of conan with a ponytail back in the day, but like all the classics he deserved to come back. Some cool effects on his sword took me some time to get into the groove with his gameplay. Stage is ok not really digging the theme though, his face is really weird too

Rash: Don’t really have a bad thing to say about him, during early access I thought he was (next to Aganos and Hisako) IGs best character. Really fun to play as such a shame he didn’t get his own stage.

Arbiter: They were never going to mess up this iconic character…and they didn’t. Arguably (to me) the most fun character out of the new four and easiest to play as. Nice stage with a decent theme and some of the best accessories in the game.

Can’t really talk about anything else since that’s it until April :stuck_out_tongue:

Overall a much better launch than S2 and the new Shadow lords mode is intriguing


Glad to see you’re enjoying it so far.

Good, honest perspective, man. From my own perspective, I’m enjoying it so far. Level 4 Enders aren’t nearly as intrusive or disorienting as some thought they’d be. I was worried they’d be disorienting and that’s not the case at all. I actually think they look pretty cool.

Still wish they could improve the hair in this game. I mean, it’s not bananas and French fries like SFV, but it could still look a good deal better.

The select screen is AWESOME. It’s responsive, it looks good and it’s got a solid style to it. Still not big on the hexagons, but that’s okay. If there is a 4th season (and I really hope there is), I’d like to see a darker, edgier color scheme. Green and purple works pretty well for the story of season 3, but I feel like black, silver, maybe rust, etc might look cooler.

Those are my only complaints here. Love the mist, the character symbols, the character outlines and how they enter the picture. It’s great!

Still wish they’d streamline the fonts, as the combo font still looks like season one for some reason. Wish they’d use the victory font instead.

Only other gripe is the fight on screen. Using recycled animations from season two select screen plus the time where the whole screen is paused while loading… Something better should happen while it’s loading, like dossier animations or individual character sequences like original arcade KI.

Beyond that though, I’m digging everything else. The four newcomers are incredibly fun, they animate extremely well, and the stages look amazing. They’re brighter, but still retain their signature style. Some have mentioned a graphical drop off, but I don’t see it at all.

Either way, can’t wait to play more. Great launch!

Besides the new stuff, I am also enjoying trying out each of the older characters and their balance changes and new moves.

I got used to the enders rather quickly, as they do not last long. But the quality is…all over the place tbh. Nothing disorienting but I cannot wait for the toggle. For example, Kim’s are really ugly and the punch ender lacks any kind of impact. Also, I didn’t think seeing Kim hit (or actually a miss) a kick to the stomach would be so obvious.

But forget about the enders, the game is awesome!!

Yeah, I actually started by going to Sadira, then Sabrewulf and a bunch of others to see how they played now before diving in to the new characters and I was very pleased.

I’d still like to see the oldest characters get a few more toys, but what they did get, I like.

As for the level 4 enders, my main concern would that they’d be disorienting and have an actual adverse affect on gameplay. The devs insisted they wouldn’t, and they were right. Hopefully they can polish some of the more blatant issues. I’ve been playing with Rash and his seem okay to me.

I was honestly iffy about S3 especially after the Wulf nerfs ( still salty) but despite that. The stages are beautifully detailed! Streaming doesn’t do it justice same with the music. S3 characters look and feel great. I think I found a new main. X3

Oh and BTW with Rash

Seriously though the toad has grown on me. And I can’t help but get a few chuckles from his antics.