Beginnings to now? How was the journey of KI for you?

Share it here. Describe your moments when you were new. First few days? My first time was me trying the free version with Orchid. My cousin fought me and I just kep on doing lights while doing quarter circles. Did some combos with no enders. Cousin after a while stopped playing. I went online to exhibition and got wrecked. Then I bought the combo breaker pack for both seasons. Omen was about to be released. I tried Jago and I kept on doing around the world into ender now(LB is all 3 punches). When Omen came out,I did the same. Since I was in qualifier,exhibition,no one broke and I won a lot. Then I tried Rank and I got screwed. The other guy perfected me. I went to Dojo mode and learned what linkers were(I know right). Now that I knew how the combo system worked,I got more wins in ranked. I learned how to break doubles and some linkers. Then a guy came and did manuals and I had no idea what to do. Dojo mode to the rescue. I learned how to do some but can never break them. Breaking linkers for manual combos. I don’t use shadow moves often and I always had extra so I choose Fulgore. Then I mained him and here I am.


a;right, i got the xbone and played ki for the first time during s1, sadira was out as the free rotation character, just spamming mediums, then within about a week into it, i got the fighting system down then i got into the frame data and working my manuals & crossups… at the time i mained jago ( sue me, i dont care), ive wasnt an online warrior when it comes to fighting games atg first so i never touched online untill i got everything down, ( i mean playing Online MP blindly in fighting games is just asking for a nutritious can of whoop a,ss.) and ive done alright, of course ive been acused of smurf account on a daily basis… before s2 hit i was ranked 8 or 10, then s2 came around and then comes tj who i mained for a good amount of time, and like evryone else who mained him abused his mini barrage to linker trick ( yknow, before his big update). then everything was the same throughout s2, new challenger approaches, try them out, move on…to this day Ki inspired me to explore new fighting games and even strangely get me into street fighter ( again…i have my lawyer ready), wasnt really into it before but i digress…just a couple weeks before cinders release i became killer, but i dont feel like i deserve it sometimes due to the fact 1/2 of my matches of me are severly getting boned from kan ra, maya, and aganos and a dash of hisako players. so to the point now i dont nearly main jago that much anymore because to me he cant close in as well like tj or sabrewulf, or cinder… my mains are omen, cinder,… secondaries are jago & Tj.

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It was hard at 1st, despite being a FG veteran. Then I went through dojo mode, which helped a lot, and mastered Thunder. Then I learned Spinal (who I ironically have not made it to lvl. 50 with yet), quickly followed by Glacius on a bet. Since then, @Infilament came out with his guide, which was a huge wake-up call for me and helped me to master numerous other characters as well as most of the game. I’d safely say at this point I am not necessarily the best, but I can definitely hold my own among them. I can play virtually every character very well with the exception of Sadira. I currently have Thunder, Glacius, TJ Combo, Maya, Riptor, and Aganos all at lvl. 50. I may start using some of those boosters just to get the leveling done for other characters that are pretty darn close (Spinal, Kan-Ra, Hisako, Cinder, ARIA, etc.) - did they ever fix that?

I had been playing SF4 (SSF4AE:2012) for about half a year before I started branching out into other fighting games. Doing my research, I came across some Killer Instinct videos and started researching the game. I watched Max’s Assist Me, some match footage and I got hooked. In fact, I liked fighting games and KI so much that I went out and bought an Xbox One just to get this game. This was at the beginning of Season 2.

I immediately took to Jago, just as I knew I would, being a Ryu main in SF. The game felt intuitive right off the bat with the six attack buttons, fireball and DP motions, etc. I went through the dojo, then went online, then got destroyed. Mostly by Sabrewulf and Sadira, but the combo system was completely new and unintuitive to me (I had never played the original KI games).

Nowadays, with season 2 over, I’ve been playing on and off. I managed to get into the gold rank, but are having a lot of trouble with breaking combos and slowly working to improve that (the combo breaker training was a most welcome addition for me). I got a little bored with Jago along the way and got interested in grapplers in other games in the meantime, so I picked up Thunder and have been having a blast, but when I now go back to Jago from time to time, he seems so fast I really want to play him again. I also tried a few season two characters, but they’re just not my cup of tea (gamplay-wise, because I like most of the designs). The only one I can kind of play from time to time is Cinder.

I’m really looking forward to try out Shadow Jago, as well as season 3 in general, but I fear KI will be the “casual” game for me when it comes out, because I will be focusing on SFV at that time. Getting good at the combo system and related mindgames requires a lot of focus and practice which I think I would rather devote to SFV - but time will tell. I am also looking forward to an increased playerbase once the PC version hits - and maybe some noobs to school. :wink:

In 2013 I watched the E3 Microsoft Xbox One reveal and saw KI was coming back. I was beyond excited and quickly signed on to Double Helix Games website. It was pretty hectic with all the old fans (me being one of them) from 1995 going crazy. November came around and I picked up my Xbox One on launch and it’s been love ever since. I tried all the characters but Jago and Thunder have been the most fun for me.

For me way back in killer instinct on super nintendo.I been playing ki since.I was very happy when I say it comeing back for xbox one.I bought my Xbox one just for ki.I love my box tho.But I’m a ki vet.If I had to to play I’ll be in tournaments like crazy. My tag ic cinnika z. ORCHID.Hope ki season 3 brings some good new gameplay.

I love this thread :smile:

Original KI was, without a doubt, the most fun I’d ever had playing fighting games as a child.

When KI was announced in 2013, I had not yet owned an XBone, but I was REALLY excited to hear it was happening and the teases had me extremely hype. As I had not owned the console yet, and was extremely busy that year, I basically forgot all about it…

…until January 2014. The game had been out for a while at that point and I saw some footage on YouTube. I HAD to HAVE IT. I took my arse to WalMart @ 3:00am, bought an XBone, and immediately purchased the Ultra edition. Had it not been for this game, I would not own an XBone.

5 matches with my wife into the game, and all I could think was “mother of god, this is amazing”. I hadn’t had that much fun playing a fighting game, or really any game for that matter, in a very long time.

Sabrewulf was my main until such time that Hisako was released; those of you who were present at the S2 forums will remember my lurking around all of the “ghost girl” threads expressing my excitement for the character even prior to her release. Deciding to main Hisako really started the FG journey for me; I realized that my character of choice was going to be hard work to be any good with, and I liked the character enough to do the homework. So I read, and read, and read. Bought and played some other fighters, tried to find the common threads to KI, translate that experience if at all possible… and read some more. And joined the forum. And did even more reading. I continue to read. Sirlin, Killian… etc, ad nauseum

So here I am today; a happy KI fan from back in the day, and a Hisako main in a state of perpetual improvement.

Really excited to see where S3 takes us. :grin:

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great game, glad i got an Xbox One for this game

My journey has been a rollarcoster of anger/enjoyment which is plagued by trolls and teabaggers. So yeah, my journey really sucks.

Interesting. Get ready for more in S3 :P.

The hype is real XD

Well I just got the game back in late December so my journey is pretty much just beginning but I am loving it so far. I have been around fighting games my whole life, I always played MK1, MK2, Primal Rage etc. with my parents when I was like 3/4 on the Sega. Then I started playing many different types of games, but I always kept up with the MK series, and even a little Tekken and Soul Caliber when I was like 8 or 9 but I mainly only kept up with MK and only played casually at home with friends/family and for the story/lore.

Some how I missed KI completely but man, when I saw this one and it’s characters it was like a “Where have you been all my life!?!?!” moment lol it almost feels like it was a game specifically made to cater to the things I like lol Skeletons, Werewolves, aliens, dinosaurs, robots, mummys, fire dudes, giant rock golem, ghosts, gargoyles, a new vampire etc. It’s pretty crazy. Killer Instinct pretty much embodies everything I enjoy.