Beginners guide to streaming KI on twitch (xbox and PC versions)

So I think that it’s great that there are other streaming platforms like Mixer and, but I kind of feel that KI can use more presence on the most popular (imo) platform, twitch. If we have a steady presence there, then streaming to other platforms is cool.

That said, for those that want to help KI’s visibility and support this game, here’s some great tutorials on how to stream.


  1. Find the right setting for your internet so that your gameplay on ranked isn’t choppy and unstable. I swear I wasn’t able to do stream, till I changed my broadcast setting to “medium” and gameplay was fast and smooth again.

  2. Follow instructions here - - to make sure your broadcast can be saved by Twitch.

  3. Launch KI, snap Twitch, make sure your broadcast quality is where it needs to be, and broadcast! (I’d unsnap Twitch after pressing broadcast but it’s not a necessary step.)

  4. (optional) after broadcasting, goto the twitch site and make your “Past Broadcast” a “Highlight” so it can be permanently saved.

  5. eventually upload to YouTube for more exposure for KI!

That’s it.


Use the following 2 vids for OBS settings and a solid understanding.

The 1st 5min of this vid shows how to use 's free themes to make your stream look nice!

Hope this is helpful to someone!

I’ve been doing test streams, but soon I’ll try to start streaming quick 3-set ranked battles at least once a week (likely at random times)


I would love to stream but my KI availability is sporadic and I doubt people want to hear my crazy ■■■ kids on the mic lol.

Does streaming eat up a lot of internet bandwidth?

My schedule and general ki playtime is sporadic as well. My only guaranteed playtime for video games period (for the past year or so I’ve only made time for KI lol) is for our weekly offlines, local tournaments, and some online tournaments. So I’ll simply stream when i can. But that’s still support and better than nothing.

Bandwidth used depends on your settings.

In theory I’m having 5 megas upload speed right now, and twitch is suggesting me to stream at 400 Kbs (or that number) when before I was streaming at 1400 at least with no mayor issues. When I tried even 800 I was having lag, this is new :frowning:
My nat is moderate right now. The Xbox is giving me 2 megas upload speed while the PC gives me close to 6. I don’t know what’s happening. I used to stream without big issues from this connection and now it seems to give me more trouble than mine (which is online 1,3 megas upload speed) :disappointed_relieved:
Any idea of what could be happening? Maybe is an ISP problem, not much to do about it in that case (because in PC is doing ok).
I’m kind of dissapointed because I wanted to stream this week. I still will, but not as smooth as I wanted, I really had trouble with lag, but 40Okbps just looks bad