Beat Em Ups Galore?

So I thought maybe I’d post up on my favorite genre, it’s a close relative of fighting games after all. There’s been a surge of new beat em ups coming down the pipline, Double Dragon IV, Yakuza 0’s localization, Mother Russia Bleeds etc.Just thought I’d open a topic for such. :smiley:

River City Ransom Underground


Myghty Final Fight at its best.

MFF is up there with my favorite final fight game. Speaking of which all those profiles for FF characters Capcom has been releasing has me hoping for new entry!

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Beat em ups are my second favorite genre especially when two players can fight. I love TMNT: Turtles in Time

but one game I will always hold close to my heart:

I know on PS4 Neo Geo’s been cranking out arcade titles, some that seem almost obscure. I hope they release this game at some point! I’m waiting NEO-GEO! GIMMIE KOM2 ALREADY.

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Streets of Rage Remake is hands down the most fun, has the best combat system and music.

Too bad Sega decided to be a penis about this game. During development, Sega was OK with Bomberlink making it, but when he released it, they went full hulk on him with copyright strikes and lawsuit threats.

I only wish it would have online multiplayer.

where does one acquire streets of rage remake and mighty final fight??

edit: this new rivery city looks really good! i been waiting for this one forever to come out

SEGA never gave the okay, they simply stayed silent. Could’ve been worse they could’ve pulled a square enix and we would’ve never gotten the game at all. That being said Remake is an addiction I can’t cure LOL

Mighty Final Fight is a NES game so you could pick it up on virtual console or emulate it. buying it physically is going to cost a pretty penny. SoRR can be found over at, if their links are down I’ll be uploading it when my site is back up.

IKR? Few years ago I was playing it non stop on Mania, beat once, started new playthrough, this game has so much content it kept me entertained for very long.